5 Best Tactical Tomahawk for Survival

Among the axe family, the tomahawk stands tall as the most effective and superior one. Right from its design to outstanding features, the tomahawk is one beast of a tool. Whether you are out hunting, hiking, chopping trees and firewood or in the combat field, one swoop by this tool and you complete your work. What do you need to know about tomahawks? Read on our best tactical tomahawks review to find out.

How to Choose the Best Tactical Tomahawks


A tomahawk is a versatile tool, thanks to its design and is useful in numerous ways. Here is a couple of them:

Breaching and Breaking

You can use tomahawks to breach and break prying doors and windows open, especially during rescue operations. Their sturdy blades can be inserted between the window or door and the frame and pressed or knocked over to open. Also, breaking glasses or other small items shouldn’t be a problem thanks to their spiked heads.

Mountain Climbing

Tomahawks will prove to be useful during hiking, camping or mountain climbing when you need to cut your paracord or rope. Doing so will assist you in tying poles down for making improvised shelters as well as making repairs and climbing ravines. 

Self-defense and killing

If you are hunting and have narrowed down everything to cornering your game, you can finalize the task by delivering the final blow using your tomahawk to deliver a fast and quick death, which is humane. Also, the self-defense tomahawk is used during combat to cause harm to your enemies.


Tomahawks are available in two different types of handles, the short handle and long handle. The handle influences how you will handle the tactical throwing tomahawk.

Short handle

Tomahawks with short handles are lighter than those with long handles, as expected. Using them is no hassle, and you should be able to comfortably wield them using a single hand for a couple of hours before getting tired. Moreover, they are compact and easy to transport. They will fit inside your backpack. Alternatively, you can opt to attach them to your backpack or tactical vest or even carry them around your waist.

Short handled tomahawks come in handy during both tactical scenarios and emergencies. They are effective and efficient for survival but don’t count on them to excel in such scenarios. You cannot use a short-handled tomahawk to cut down a tree neither can you use it to break massive objects.

Long handle

Long-handled tomahawks, on the other hand, are heavier than the short-handled ones. You can wield them using one hand, but don’t expect to last long doing that. Due to their weight, wielding them for long durations becomes very tiresome. Also, they are big, making their transportation more difficult.

The best way to transport a largely handled tomahawk is by wearing it across your back. Heavy as they are, they are ruthless in terms of the damage that they can cause. You can use them in tactical situations for breaching in. Also, you can use them to cut down trees, break massive objects, split firewood as well as build a shelter. They make the best traditional tomahawk.

When it comes to the materials used to design the handles, three names ring a bell: nylon, fiberglass and wood. Wood is sturdy, but gets damaged quickly and doesn’t withstand powerful blows. Fiberglass, on the other hand, is strong and very resistant yet slightly heavy. Nylon is the best and comes when mixed with fiberglass. It is light, resistant and can withstand hardship and damage as well as super comfortable.


If your tomahawk’s grip is poor, then it is rendered useless no matter how sharp the head is or how hard and accurate you could swing it. That’s not all; the grip needs to be comfortable for you to wield it properly. We have two main types of grips;

Wrapping grip

This type of grip wraps itself inside a paracord or other materials. Its wrap provides the needed protection from slippage while the grip fits perfectly in your hand. The paracord is removable, and you can always work without it if you find it to be uncomfortable. You can also opt to use another material for wrapping. 

One advantage of this type of wrapping is that it comes in handy during times of emergency. Paracord is the best choice to use as it is versatile. You could use it to build a shelter, create snares or make a tourniquet among other activities.

Polymer grip

Polymer grips are normally a favorite to many as they are highly resistant to harsh environments and good for designing the best survival tomahawk. They are available in different models depending on the manufacturer. Polymer grip is lightweight and won’t affect the balance of the tomahawk in any manner. With this, you can wield for super long durations.

No matter the choice of grip to settle for, just ensure that you can grip your tomahawk properly without it slipping off your hands. A few tip s that you will find useful is to look for a grip that: molds to the shape of your hand, offers numerous grip positions, and doesn’t allow the penetration of perspiration.

Here is a video to elaborate and further expound your knowledge about the different types of tomahawks and their uses.

5 Best Tactical Tomahawks For The Money in 2020 Reviews

SOG Voodoo Tactical Hatchet

We won’t promise you an everyday hunt, but one thing we will; one swing by this axe and the game you are targeting will lie down dead. Trust the SOG Voodoo to perform every task of an axe, and then more. Born and made in the USA, you should expect nothing short of excellence when it comes to this tool. Its reputation is similar to iconic names like the Gerber tomahawk.

SOG has been in the market since 1986, long enough to know that tough stainless steel is the way to go with tomahawks. One thing that you’ll not notice with this tomahawk unless we tell you (which is our job of course) is that its pommel can be used as a hammer- talk of versatility and this product combines creativity with it. You simply hold the axe by its nylon sheath handle and pummel it against any object.

The tomahawk’s handle is solid and firm to ensure that it doesn’t slide away, which would otherwise be catastrophic in the wrong environment. What we love most about this tomahawk is that you can handle it in any way that you like- hammer things with it, throw it at things or chop wood, it is all yours for use.


  • Super polished and razor-sharp
  • Doubles as a hammer with its pummel bottom
  • Its short handle makes its handling easy


  • The steel is prone to rust
  • Low-quality sheath handle

Schrade SCAXE

Schrade is a reputable brand, taking pride in designing trustworthy knives and tomahawks that are ideal for all outdoor adventures. If you are out camping, hiking, or taking part in any bush-craft activity and you’re in need of a strong companion and a high-quality tomahawk to chop and cut stuff for you, then count on the Schrade Scaxe for an excellent performance.

Some people would define its controversial appearance as cool and jungle-like, others as creepy and terrifying, yet one thing is for sure- the performance of this tomahawk is top-notch, no compromise! Some of its notable features include a hammer pommel, powder-coated stainless steel head, rubber-wrapped handle and a thermoplastic belt sheath.

Each of its features plays an important role in its performance. Its stainless steel head is sharp for precise cutting and durability, the rubber handle for a firm grip, and the thermoplastic sheath for quick and easy access. All these features complement it as the best combat tomahawk. Finally and very important, note that this axe comes with small chocking parts and should be kept out of reach for kids under three years.


  • Solid performance
  • Perfect weight and design
  • Its rubber coating absorbs vibrations


  • Poor cushioning on its handle

CRKT Chogan T-hawk Tactical Axe

If you’re looking to build your confidence by having a tool in hand that will tackle anything that comes along its way, trust the CRKT Chogan T-hawk Tactical Axe for an incredible performance. CRKT believes that innovation entails designing products that will define and lead the industry in terms of utility and creativity. To achieve this, the company has been hard at work for the last 25 years. The CRKT Tactical Axe is an example of their best products.

This tomahawk will remind you so much of the smith and Wesson tomahawk. There are two different models of this axe, both of which come with exceptional toughness and utility. The CRKT logo is crafted at the steel blade to distinguish it from counterfeit products. The manufacturing design of this axe includes a carbon steel head, hammer bottom, and glass-reinforced nylon handle.

Lastly, to prove the durability of their products, this axe has a limited lifetime warranty on any defects that are traceable back to the manufacturers’ side.


  • Very sharp and cuts well
  • Firm grip
  • Doubles as a hammer with its bottom


  • Its edge is brittle
  • Prone to breakage with continuous heavy use

Estwing Tomahawk Axe

Estwing is no foreign name in the tomahawk industry, with over 90 years’ experience. You can clearly see their passion for designing exemplary tools that will be the watermark of the industry through their products. Such an example is the Estwing Tomahawk Axe. So, what are you settling for with this product?

To begin with, the axe features a heavy-duty precisely designed sheath to protect the cutting edge. Secondly, the axe is forged with the best craftsmen to make one of the most durable and long-lasting tomahawks in the market. The designers were keen to detail, clearly and perfectly bringing out each feature for maximum performance.

The design of this tomahawk is a unique one, suitable for chopping branches and small trees. You can also use its end for extrication, excavation and breaching among other ‘earth’ activities. Also, its handle features a shock-reduction grip that absorbs the vibration by a stunning 70%. Spending an afternoon in the woods with this axe will make you change your ill-advised views about how incompetent tomahawks can be. Lastly, this lightweight tomahawk will make the work for you as easy as ABC.


  • Impressive design
  • Comfortable rubber handle
  • Absorbs up to 70% of the vibrations
  • Sleek and lightweight


  • Its blade is prone to rust

Cold Steel Viking Hand Axe 

If you know who Vikings are, then you do know that nothing separates them from their axes if not blood. The Cold Steel Viking Handaxe is inspired by history to be the best wood handle tomahawk of the 21st century. It comes in a simple design without too much sauce in it but gets the work done clean and quick.

The steel blade of this axe is very sharp, and you should be cautious when handling it. Moreover, the blade is firm in its position and will not slip off no matter how hard you throw or pummel it into an object.

One thing that we don’t like about this axe and wooden tomahawks, in general, is that their handles aren’t the most comfortable options in the market. Moreover, they don’t come with any shock-absorbing properties, and you will have to take in all the vibrations. All these flaws didn’t seem to bother Vikings, apparently. Apart from the minor mishaps, however, it is a great tool worth trying out. Its pricing is great, making it the best tomahawk for the money.


  • Solid construction
  • Sharp blade
  • Affordable pricing


  • The wooden handle isn’t shock absorbent
  • Uncomfortable handle


There you have it- all the basics you need to know about the tomahawk.  Our list contains the best products in the market, and nothing could possibly go wrong with their purchase. It is easy to pick out the Schrade SCAXE as the best product overall, even though the rest aren’t far behind.

You need efficient training before you can use your tomahawk- we couldn’t emphasize this more. One wrong swoop with this tool and the damage can be catastrophic. Take all the necessary caution and be safe out there