5 Best Tactical Sunglasses in 2020

If you’re planning to spend your weekend out in the fields shooting with your pals, then a pair of tactical sunglasses are a must on the packing list. What differentiates good soldiers and bad ones apart from their skills is how prepared they are. It isn’t every day that the sky will be clear, and your vision perfect. Numerous obstructions can hinder our ability to see clearly. For this reason, you need the best tactical sunglasses for an ultimate adventure. Consider our review and buying guide.

Features to Consider when Buying the Best Tactical Sunglasses

How do you differentiate good quality tactical sunglasses from ones that are not? Here are some of the factors to consider when making your tactical sunglass purchase to avoid ending up with a low-quality product that will leave you frustrated more than satisfied.

Type of Sunglasses

The market has several options when it comes to the types of sunglasses, depending on the task you are undertaking- from trekking and hiking to military use and law enforcement. Here are some of the important types you should have in mind when making your purchase.

Shooting glasses

Just as their name suggests, shooting glasses are designed for firing ranges by game hunters and shooting hobbyists. They are lightweight, have casual design, and boast of being the best in terms of affordability and protection.

For shooting glasses to enter the market, they have to be cleared and certified by American National Standards Institute ANSI) under the ANSI Z87 standard that measures impact resistance. They are tested under a very high-velocity projectile to ensure that they are strong enough.

Military sunglasses

Military safety glasses undergo the most intensive clearance standard known as MIL-PRF-31013 to ensure maximum protection while in the field. Military-grade sunglasses are superior to shooting glasses in one aspect- their lenses are sturdy enough to withstand heavier and faster debris hitting them than the shooting glasses.

The military field is chaotic- one that is surrounded by the explosion of deadly bombs. Military sunglasses need to be strong enough not to crack or shatter under such circumstances.

Tactical goggles

Tactical goggles are the ultimate choice for militaries, navies, and air forces around the globe. Similar to the military sunglasses, these also feature polycarbonate frames and ballistic lenses for top-notch protection against impacts and ricochets.

Tactical glasses are scratch-resistant, offer 100% protection from UVA and UVB rays, and have polarized coatings as well as interchangeable lenses. A big advantage of this option over the others is that they come with retention straps that hold the goggles firmly to the face. The goggles will remain fixed to your eyes no matter the amount of pressure produced.


Lenses are unarguably the most important features to look out for in tactical sunglasses. Poor quality lenses mean the overall quality of the lens is poor. The lenses do not only need to be of high quality but also durable to enable them to withstand the hardest impacts.

Sunglasses use different materials to construct their lenses. Three names pop up in our list: standard plastic (CR-39), polycarbonate and Trivex.

CR-39 Plastic

CR-39 is a common material used in the EDC sunglasses but isn’t actually approved for tactical eyewear. The reason behind this is that while its optics is acceptable, the material is easily breakable and thus extremely unsafe in tactical environments. The material would easily shatter fired using a 500g missile.


Polycarbonate is popular for shooting and tactical sunglasses. The material is lightweight, unbreakable, and comes in tinted, clear, and polarized modes. A huge attribution for its strength lies with its flexibility.


Trivex is the best material for making tactical sunglasses. It was initially used for US army sunglasses as an alternative and update over polycarbonate. Lenses made using Trivex are the most durable ones. Its lenses come as clear, polarized or tinted.

Polycarbonate and Trixex are the most common and highly recommendable materials used for designing lenses.

When it comes to the types of lenses in tactical sunglasses, we have two major options, as discussed below:

Polarized lenses

Polarized lenses reduce the glare reflected on surfaces and make images appear to be clearer and sharper. They are available for both tactical prescription glasses and non-prescription glasses. They are ideal for light-sensitive people. Most of these lenses protect against UV rays, which cause damage to the eyes.

Anti-reflective lenses

Anti-reflective lenses reduce eyestrains brought about by reflections and glares. Moreover, they are ideal for protecting your glasses against smudges, scratches as well as repelling water and dust. The coating makes images appear clearer and sharper. They are the best option for snow and water sports.


The entire concept of designing tactical sunglasses was to have exceptionally hard and durable products that could withstand heavy impacts and harsh weather conditions like strong winds that come with small particles and dirt that need to be off the eyes. You should eliminate any product that will crack under the slightest pressure from your buying list. 

Check out this video for more insights and a better understanding of how to use tactical sunglasses.

5 Best Military Tactical Sunglasses in 2020

SIPLION Men’s Polarized Sunglasses

If you are a man, three things that you shouldn’t leave the house without are your wallet, wristwatch, and tactical sunglasses. Siplion Polarized Sunglasses will not only protect you from harmful ultraviolet rays, but they will also make you look great and attractive. Who said you couldn’t protect your eyes while at the same time look fabulous? Well, this pair disputes that notion.

The manufacturers of these sunglasses used a new material in town, TR90, which is stress-resistant and highly unbreakable. If you have been changing glasses constantly because they can’t seem to last, then this product might be your last. Moreover, the glasses make the most of technology to ensure durable and ultra-lightweight for everyday use.

The design of these glasses is stylish and lightweight, making them suitable for a wide range of uses, including racing, fishing, skiing, trekking, and climbing, among other outdoor activities. Lastly, the customer care of this product is superb. Buyers are eligible for a full refund if there are any defects with the product within 30 days of purchase.


  • Stylish design
  • Lightweight and comfortable
  • Nice and clear vision


  • Slightly expensive

Polarized UV400 Sport Sunglasses

Spending time outdoors is normally fun and relaxing until you get exposed to harmful ultraviolet rays, which are dangerous and could cause serious damage to your eyes. If you still wish to enjoy the satisfying warmth of the sun without having to worry about your eye’s health, then it is time you try out the Polarized UV400 Sport Sunglasses.

What these sunglasses bring to the table is incredible comfort, style, and, most importantly, protection from harmful rays, dust, and debris. The glasses offer protection from UVA, UVB, and UVC lights and ensure that your eyes are 100% safe. Moreover, they are anti-fog, meaning that you can still enjoy their benefits in super-low temperatures.

These tactical polarized sunglasses are ideal for a wide range of uses, including driving, skiing, biking, golf, football, tennis, among other outdoor activities. Protect your vision while looking good at the same time with the Polarized UV Sport Sunglasses.


  • Reasonable priced
  • Comfortable to wear
  • Perfect fit


  • Not very durable

SUNGAIT Polarized Sunglasses

Sungait Polarized Sunglasses are by far the best polarized tactical sunglasses in the market. They are numerous steps ahead of their competitors. The entire product’s success can be traced back to the brand’s devotion to design high-quality products with impeccable performances. They have taken into account their competitors’ pitfalls and offered a solution with theirs.

Three features can summarize the success of this pair of tactical sunglasses: lens, frame, and design. The sunglasses’ UV400 lenses block 100% of the harmful UVC, UVB, and UVA sun rays. The lenses are available in mirrored and non-mirrored, all dependent on the user’s preference.  Secondly, the frame of this sunglass is ultra-lightweight that you will barely feel the weight of the sunglass when you put it on. The manufacturers used a high-quality frame, which enhances the sunglasses’ texture to make them more durable.

Finally, this sunglass comes in a screw-less design with its hinges being fully riveted in the temple. The purpose of this is to prevent the temples from falling while simultaneously making wearing them super comfortable. If you’re in search of classic, rectangular-shaped sunglasses that will not only offer you a perfect fit but also make you stand out from the rest of the crew, you don’t need to guess which option is best for you.


  • Cool and stylish design
  • Perfect fit
  • Lightweight and durable
  • Comfortable to wear


  • Its tint is almost too dark
  • The nose piece is difficult to manipulate

Oakley Men’s Ballistic Shield Sunglasses

Name us a sunglass better than Oakley Men’s Ballistic Shield Sunglasses that is of high quality, proudly made in the USA, and meets the ANSI standards for safety glasses, and we will wait. This sunglass is a true reflection of what quality should look like. The lenses of the sunglasses do not only offer protection from UVA, UVB, and UVC rays but also ensures clarity and super comfort while in use.

The optics of this sunglass is patented to provide razor-sharp and superior vision in every angle. Also, the sunglass is super lightweight, coming at a mere total weight of 1.05 ounce. There are nose pads incorporated to ensure that it doesn’t slip and remains on your eyes all through and for improved comfort and fit.

 Oakley Sunglasses are available in two color combinations; matt black and grey combo and matte black and clear combo. Whatever option you decide to settle for, you will look spectacular wherever you go. Next time you are out hunting, camping, or shooting, ensure you pack yourself a pair of these sunglasses.


  • Proudly made in the USA
  • Super comfortable and durable
  • Large glasses for wide coverage


  • Not anti-fog
  • Catches dust and grease easily

Venture Gear Overwatch Tactical Sunglasses

 If you’re in search of the best military-style sunglasses that will offer you premium quality and protection, then it will be worth your time to check out the tactical sunglasses by Venture Gear. What you’re settling for with this pair is a super comfortable, durable, and tough product that is anti-fog to endure the toughest environments, and thus make up the best military sunglasses. You cannot be sure where danger will come from when you are on the battlefield, and that’s why you need to protect your eyes with these impeccable sunglasses.

The construction of this sunglass incorporates rubber temple tips and nosepiece to ensure that you are comfortable throughout and that you can wear the glasses for long periods. Also, its frame design isn’t only durable but will also look great on you. The glasses are certified by ANSI and mil-PRF, and so your safety is assured with their use.

Venture Gear Sunglasses will step up for you and provide you with protection when you need them most. Their lenses will protect you from debris and impact not to forget harmful Ultra Violet light.


  • Anti-fog and scratch-resistant
  • Fits perfectly
  • Highly affordable


  • Weak hinges


Sunglasses are the difference between good vision and a blurry one. No need to take the risk when tactical sunglasses are in the market. Ensure that you adhere to our buying guide to pick a product that is durable, efficient, and long-lasting to last you a couple of outdoor expeditions.

As customary, we have to choose our favorite product. The precious fate goes to Men’s Ballistic Shield Sunglass, and a major reason being the brand behind its construction. Oakley is pioneers of the game, and they know their way around creating unique, impeccable, and outstanding products.

The other sunglasses are super effective too. No choice is the wrong choice. It is all dependent on your taste and preference.