5 Best Tactical Pens for The Money

Danger has a way of presenting itself in the most unexpected times. Even during these times, we must prepare adequately. You don’t know how or where it will occur, so there is no taking any chances. Prevention is better than cure. But if you can’t prevent it, then you should equip yourself with the most loaded and best tactical pens. Don’t simply write, arm yourself while doing so!

How To Choose the Best Tactical Pens

How do you find yourself the right tactical pen? Here are a few tips to keep you going on the right tactical pens.


A tactical pen will play numerous roles in different situations. Identifying the situation that you will most likely use it for will go a long way in determining the model to purchase.


Writing is the basic role of any pen, tactical ones included. If you are likely to use your pen for writing frequently, then you should go for one that is lightweight. One problem with tactical pens is their weight. They are different from the regular pens in that they weigh more so that they can be more effective for self-defense purposes.

If you will be using your pen to sign to write long essays and reports, then it is only wise to settle for a lightweight option so that you won’t get tired quickly. Most writing models come with cartridges which will work under any condition.

Glass breaking

If you plan on storing your tactical pen inside your car for a future rainy day, then the glass breaker will be a valuable tool for you. You use the glass breaker to break off your window for quick exit in times of emergency. If you are under this category, then you need to be aware that glass breakers are of two types: reinforced tip breakers and the prolonged tip glass breakers.

Glass breakers with reinforced tips act as both self-defense tools and glass breakers. Those with prolonged tips are made using steel for their toughness and durability. Both options are great, but the prolonged tip is a favorite to many due to its wide impact point.


The best survival pen will come with added accessories such as a built-in flashlight, a bottle opener, a wrench or even a screwdriver to ensure that you lack nothing even in the most remote areas. Such pens come in handy when are least prepared. The flashlight and bottle opener will be useful mostly in camping and hiking.


If you are in search of a defensive pen, you must acquire training beforehand. When it comes to self-defense, many people prefer heavier options because they can cause more damage. Lighter pens, on the other hand, are easier to wield. The choice to go for is all dependent on you. Here is an instructional video to assist you in learning how to use tactical pens as a defense mechanism.


The quality of a tactical pen isn’t only about how good it can write but also how sturdy its features are and the number of accessories that it comes with. You should pay more attention to the quality of the feature that you will use most. If you intend to use it as a glass breaker, then ensure its tip is sturdy and strong enough.

If you intend to use the pen frequently for writing then ensure that it comes with good cartridge options and adequate refills from brands such as Rite in the Rain and Fischer Space Pen. Such a pen should be able to write under any conditions- upright, upside down, snowy and wet conditions.


The bottom point of which pen you will buy normally comes to its price. The good thing with tactical pens is that you get what you pay for. There are three things that you should always have in mind. First, you will not use your tactical pen to its fullest capacity daily. Most of the times will be for writing with it. So, its writing capability should be your priority.

Second, all tactical pens are for the same purposes. Since they all come with similar features, there is no need to spend a lot when you could find a cheaper option. Lastly, a high price does not always imply higher quality.


The style of a tactical pen is one underrated and under-appreciated feature. It is essential that you balance between an effective pen and that which will scare off potentially dangerous people. The environment that you will use your pen also has an impact on its design. If you’re a teacher, for instance, you should avoid a pen that resembles a weapon. Such a similar situation is when you are traveling on a plane.

5 Best Tactical Pens – Self Defense Guide

Gerber Impromptu Tactical Pen

If you think that the Gerber Impromptu Tactical Pen is your average writing implement, then you’re in for a rude shock! Gerber has collaborated with law professionals to provide their customers with a ticket to safety and probably the current best self-defense pen. Everyone agrees that the most important weapon you can have is that which is in your hands, and lucky you if it is the Gerber Impromptu.

Three astounding features will make you want to purchase this pen. Firstly, it features a glass breaker tip made using machined steel and which comes in a window shattering tip design. Its purpose is to assist you in breaking a windshield while trying to defend yourself or come out of a flaming vehicle. Secondly, this pen comes with a ‘Rite in the Rain’ cartridge which is compatible for use in all conditions; indoor, outdoor, upright, upside down, dry or wet- you name it.

Lastly, the pen makes use of the rugged American steel and a coating of Cerakote to give it a firm grip in all situations. Once you hold it in your hand, there is no coming out of there. Other of its notable features include an effective push button which deploys the pointed pen, a stainless steel pocket clip and a mere weight of 68 grams.


  • Rite in the rain for usage in all conditions
  • Made in the USA
  • Terrifically lightweight


  • Its glass breaker tip is weak
  • Its steel is prone to rust

Sminiker Professional Defender Tactical Pen

From its black and flashy appearance to the juxtaposed sleek and rugged design- you will fall in love with this pen right from the word go. Everything is there to love about this tactical pen, and that’s even before you start using it. Ladies, if you’re looking for a suitable gift for your man that will say happy anniversary and stay safe simultaneously, no option is better than the Sminiker Professional Defender Tactical Pen.

One of the most powerful features of a tactical pen is their glass breaker tip, and that’s why the manufacturers ensured to design this one as powerful as possible courtesy of its Tungsten steel construction. That’s not all; its handle is of the thread design to give it an excellent grip and anti-skid ability so that you can have a smooth, effortless and continuous use and ink transfer.

The manufacturers included a heavy-duty pocket clip for attaching it to your pants, notebook, backpack and shirt among other places. Upon purchase, the whole package includes one tactical pen and six refills to last you a couple of months depending on the use. The pen comes with a one year warranty.


  • One year warranty
  • Powerful glass breaker tip
  • Six refills to last you long
  • A solid pocket clip


  • It isn’t made of aluminum as advertised

TakeFlight Self-Defense Tactical Pen

Tactical pen reviews will not be complete without the mention of TakeFlight. No pen will military soldiers, SWAT, military pilots and Navy seals find most useful such as the TakeFlight Self-Defense Tactical Pen. Everything with this pen is designed for protection during danger. To begin with, its aluminum construction is machined for maximum strength in times of crises such as fending off an assault or a window breaking rescue.

Everything with this pen narrows down to its strength, with room for versatility also- which is crucial for tactical preparation. Other notable and important features with the pen include: glass breaker tip, bottle opener, LED Tactical flashlight with its battery and two refillable ink cartridges. There is nothing more that you could possibly ask from a tactical pen.

We especially loved the fact that this pen has a tactical flashlight. There are 101 situations where light can prove to be useful, and this pen ensures you’re packed with lots of it. Finally, the designer and owner of this pen was a US military veteran with an authentic first-hand tactical world experience. He knows exactly what is required of a tactical pen.


  • Strong and well built
  • Nice packaging
  • Doubles up as an LED tactical flashlight
  • Solid glass breaker


  • The lid doesn’t fit in both ends
  • A little bit heavy for writing

The Atomic Bear Tactical Pen

Talk of the world’s most loaded pen and TheAtomic Bear Tactical Pen comes to mind. Atomic Bear is a name synonymous to excellence, and this is translated to its tactical pen. Without further chit chat, let’s jump straight to its specs. Some of this pen’s features include- premium glass breaker, a perfectly writing ballpoint pen, LED tactical flashlight, multi-tool head, four batteries and three black ink cartridges.

The manufacturers gave much priority of this pen to its writing, the basic use. Its MTP-6 pen is smooth and has enough ink refills to last you long. Moreover, it ships directly from the USA and comes with a lifetime warranty- nothing beats that. The hassle of purchasing a pen now and then due to its low quality is a foreign concept with this one. Every penny spent on this pen is worth it, making it the best tactical pen for the money.

Finally, this cool gadget substitutes as a perfect manly gift. Surprise your father, boyfriend, husband or brother with the pen as a way of ensuring his safety. Well, this isn’t to imply that women are exempted from enjoying its benefits. All are welcomed!


  • Multi-functional
  • Two modes LED flashlight
  • Perfect ballpoint pen
  • Comes with a lifetime warranty


  • LED Flashlight only works when its switch is pressed
  • Be aware of its sharp glass breaker which would easily tear off your shirt and pants

Smith & Wesson Tactical Pen

The Smith and Wesson Company is popular for making exemplary knives used in all situations. Well, the manufacturers decided to channel their expertise into tactical pens. While this idea was uncertain to us at first, we now regret doubting them in the first place. They have even surpassed some big wig pioneers in the game.

Simplicity is the core of this pen. If you’re in search of a complex designed tactical pen with 100 features and specs, sorry this isn’t your option. What you’re settling for with this pen, on the other hand, is a durable, dependable and secure pen. Its construction incorporates the aircraft aluminum that will take the hardest of beatings. 

The pen’s pocket clip and screw make its access quick and easy and thus the best EDC tactical pen.


  • Simple and easy to use
  • Waterproof cap
  • Durable and long-lasting


  • Lacks essential features such as LED flashlight


Choosing the best product overall wasn’t an easy task, but the Gerber Impromptu Tactical Pen stood out from the rest. Every of its feature is impeccable. Nonetheless, all the other choices are great and equally good in terms of performance.

We are aware that the purpose of tactical pens is to protect yourself during times of danger. However, killing a person with these pens shouldn’t be an option, even as a last resort. It will be untrue to say that a tactical pen cannot kill, but it will require a lot of effort. We don’t recommend violence as a way of solving issues. On the other hand, tactical pens are best for window-breaking rescues and making use of their flashlight. When neither of these is in play, the pens are unarguably the best for writing!