5 Best Tactical Pants Review in 2020

With an array of options in the market, choosing the right tactical pants can be an intimidating task. For this reason, we’ve gone out of our way to compile to you the best tactical pants in the current market. Our tactical pants reviews also includes a buying guide to help you choose the right product. Read on!

How to Choose the Best Tactical Pants

Before proceeding on to our top products, it is essential that we provide you with tactical pants buying guide.

Choosing the right tactical pants is a subtle art that many people are still unfamiliar with. There’s no rush in selecting the right pants. If you don’t know where to begin, worry not. We’ve got you covered. Below are some of the essential features you need to look out for when buying tactical pants.


Topping our list is one of the most important factors- the material. The type of material you settle for will determine the durability, stretchability, weight, feeling, and strength of the pants. Three names pop up when describing the materials used to construct pants: nylon, polyester, and cotton.

Nylon -Nylon or polyamide is known for its lightweight, tough and water-resistant property. It isn’t prone to wrinkling and shrinking.

Polyester -Polyester, just like nylon, is also lightweight. While its breathability isn’t the best, it makes up for this with durability. One special feature with this material is that it doesn’t wrinkle easily and resists shrinking.

Cotton-Cotton is a natural plant-based material. The material isn’t as strong as its counterparts but rather soft and easy to put on, especially when combined with other fabrics. It is also heavy, making it ideal for cold places. In addition, the material is also extremely breathable. 

A downside to cotton is that it is prone to wrinkling and shrinking.

Stretch Fabrics-Tech has taken its course into tactical pants to provide users with stretch fabrics that don’t only maintain the pants’ shape but also integrity for prolonged periods. The fabrics normally include blending of neoprene, spandex, and elastane for the best result.


Price is a huge factor when purchasing products and not only tactical pants. The material, additional pockets, quality, craftsmanship, and brand all play a part in determining the price of pants. Investing more time, craftsmanship, and resources in pants makes the prices to be higher.

Spending so much money into pants isn’t the wisest decision, although there is no harm in digging deeper into the pocket for quality. What we mean is that you can find lots of high quality and good-looking pants at affordable prices. An example of such is the LA Police Gear, found in our review.

Types of Pockets

One feature that people and especially men will appreciate in pants is the pockets. A general rule of thumb is that the side pockets hold the heaviest items like your cellphone and wallet. Putting such items in your back pocket makes it uncomfortable to sit or makes you vulnerable to theft. Back pockets are for lightweight objects like ID cards.

There are different types of pockets. Some are as outlined below:

Knife pockets-As their name suggests, these pockets are specifically for pocket knives. They come in a unique design, with a long and narrow shape, reinforced bottom, and a flat edge. Some also come with double stitched openings for withstanding the weight of the knives.

Cargo pockets-The trademark cargo pockets were added in the original tactical pants and stuck to being basic due to the large space they offer.

Knee-pad pockets-Some tactical pants come with allocation for kneepads that come in handy when you are on your knees crouching. Their pocket allows you to insert the pads for cushioning and protection to your knees during combats.

Handcuff Key Pockets-Law enforcement officers will find these pockets most useful. They are normally located either in the waistband or at the pants’ cuff for storing handcuff keys


If you don’t want your pants to keep on falling during combat, then you have to find the right fit. The best way to do so is to avail yourself to the stores and measure them physically, taking note of your inseam and waist measurements.

We have a relaxed and slim fit. Don’t confuse slim in any way with skinny. Slim pants are closer to the leg and bring out a more fashionable and polished look. The relaxed fit is more into comfort, providing the user with more room for relaxing. Slim fit comes in handy when you don’t want twigs, liquids, and hooks, among other items getting stuck in your pants every time.

Teflon Coating

Another essential feature to look out for in tactical pants is Teflon coating. Teflon is a coating put on materials to make them hydrophobic and stain-resistant. Teflon is compatible with any type of material. Having this material makes your pant resistant to any stain that you may pick up in the woods, or even oil. The coating also comes in handy during rainy times.

You’ll agree with me that washing pants with sucked-up liquids are difficult to wash. Well, Teflon coating is here to save the day.

Reinforced Knees

Hunting requires a lot of crouching. For this reason, you should consider pants with reinforced knees. Having pants with reinforced knees makes them resistant to wear and tear. Some pants also come with kneepads at the reinforced knees as added protective measures for your knees.

Top 5 Best Tactical Pants Reviews and Recommendations

1.AKARMY Men’s Military Tactical Cargo Pants

military tactical pant

First on the list is one of the best tactical pants you’ll come across- AKARMY Men’s Military Tactical Cargo Pants.

If you have a taste for simplicity and perfection, then you will appreciate the AKARMY Men’s Military Tactical Cargo Pants. Made using 65% polyester and 35% cotton, these pants will provide you with premium comfort and durability. Right from when you set your eyes on them, you’ll know that they are the ones.

One of these pants’ greatest strength is their camouflage design compatible for combat. The army green and CP camo versions strive most in this- not to disputing the other six color options they come in. The pants use Duratex to repel and dirt, liquids, or contaminants in your way. Moreover, their moisture-wicking fabric does a great job of repelling sweat from your body and keeping you dry for most parts of the day.

Other notable features with the pants include abrasion and waterproof resistance, Velcro and zipper closures, ten pockets, and an adjustable knee opening for pads. The design of these pants makes them perfect for training, daily wear, and off-duty exercises, among other outdoor activities.


  • Its Duratex repels dirt and liquid
  • Camouflage design
  • Compatible with kneepads


  • Limited range of motion
  • Inaccurate sizing

2.LA Police Gear Men’s Urban Ops Tactical Cargo Pants

Who said that you couldn’t get a good pair of shooting pants at affordable prices? Well, La Police Gear disputes this notion. The product scoops the award for the most affordable product in our list. If you’re tight on budget but still want a good pair of pants, this is the choice to go for. Although the number of pockets and molle isn’t comparable to those of Free Soldier, the quality is considerably great.

There are lots of great features in store for you with these pants. Firstly, the pair comes in eight different colors to choose from: sierra, coyote brown, khaki, navy, brown, charcoal, and green. Secondly, the fabric used in the construction comprises of 65% polyester and 35% cotton. Also, it incorporates YKK Zipper flies at the crotch area.

The fit of this pant is a fantastic one, courtesy of its elastic waistband. You can, however, always use a belt if you find it loose. Also, there is proper articulation and space at the knee for easy maneuverability. There are a total number of eight pickets with these pants, and you can’t complain of little space.

We felt that the manufacturers could perform better when it came to waterproofing. The pants lack Teflon coating, and this makes the pants vulnerable to water and stains. Other than that, the pair provides you with all the necessities, and you don’t have to break your bank to own it.


  • Comes at an affordable price
  • Relatively good quality
  • Multiple colors to choose from
  • Elastic waistband


  • Lacks Teflon coating

3.Aggressor Flex – Tactical Pants

Here is another pair that people in service duty will find most useful- Aggressor Vintage Tactical Pants. The pair is a versatile one and suits a wide range of people, including firefighters, police officers, security guards, military soldiers, and also those taking part in hunting, hiking, and mountaineering activities.

The main reason as to why the pair suits the above-mentioned category perfectly is because it is extremely cozy. Its construction includes 98% cotton and the rest elastin. It comes with a relaxed fit, providing users with the ultimate freedom to move around. Moreover, its waistband is adjustable for more freedom.

The bottom part of this pant comes with hooks and loops with hidden elastic cords for comfort. You can, therefore, wear it comfortably with high military and combat boots. Finally, the pair comes with a total of seven pockets; two at the sides, two at the back, two cargo pockets, and one phone pocket. Even though the number isn’t the highest in our list, all your items should be well catered for.

The black version is our favorite, but you can also opt for the brown and dark olive ones. It is true to state these are arguably the best combat pants in the current market.


  • Versatile and suits a large variety of people
  • Super cozy
  • Adjustable waistband
  • Perfect fit


A thin material that isn’t suitable for cold seasons

4.5.11 Tactical Men’s Stryke

Tactical pants reviews will not be complete without the mention of Tactical Stryke. With years of experience in the market, the company knows all its way around making pants. One such example of their incredible product is the Tactical Stryke Tactical Pants. With eight different colors to choose from, there is something for everyone. The colors are inclusive of the battle black, brown, khaki, storm, green, dark Navy, tundra, and charcoal.

We love this pair for its spill-resistant and waterproof property thanks to its Teflon coating. When it comes to the number of pockets, heavenly is the name to describe it. The pants come with incredibly 12 pockets, six on each side. You will appreciate the cargo pockets located just below the hip pockets that are deep to store heavy items.

Comfort was also a top priority when designing these pants. With the self-adjusting waistband, fitting in this pant becomes easy, regardless of your weight. Using a belt is also an option. With this, they make up for the best tactical pants for everyday wear. The material used in the construction includes 65% polyester and 35% cotton. What this means is that the pair is lightweight and equally durable.

Cotton is responsible for its soft feeling while polyester for its toughness. The combination provides you with efficient stretchability for easy maneuverability. If you’re serious about your gear and want a good quality waterproof tactical pants with top-notch performance, look no further!


  • High quality
  • Numerous pockets
  • Comes with Teflon Coating
  • Soft and tough simultaneously


  • Expensive

5.MAGCOMSEN Men’s Tactical Pants

Last but not least on our list is the incredible pair by MAGSOMEN. There aren’t many color options with this pair, but the five available ones come in a stylish design that you’ll love. Moreover, the greatest strength of this pair lies in its fabric. A special combo of polyester and rip-stop makes this pant lightweight, breathable, skin-friendly, water-resistant, and super comfortable.

That’s not all; the pant comes with an elastic waist for a perfect fit. There is neat stitching at the bottom of this pair to allow the pant to go perfectly with military boots. Also, there are nine pockets provided with this pair: two cargo pockets, two zipper pockets, three backhand pockets, and two front hand pockets. All your items, including knives and guns, are safe with this pair.


  • Lightweight and comfortable
  • The material is skin-friendly
  • Abrasion-resistant
  • Good construction


Some people found them to be too tight in the crucial areas


Sadly, we come to the end of our review. If you didn’t have time to read it entirely, our top pick product is the AKARMY Men’s Military Tactical Cargo Pants. Its quality is impressive, is spill-resistant, and comes with lots of pockets. La Police Gear scoops the award for the most affordable product. No need to break your bank to own tactical pants. You will also love the Tactical Men’s Stryke Pants that come with the highest number of pockets. 

One common thing with all our products is that they are all effective and efficient. The manufacturers designed them to provide you with value on your hunting expeditions, and that’s exactly what they offer. Nothing could go wrong with their purchase!