5 Best Tactical Knives for Combat & Survival

Tactical is rarely used when describing the modern pocket knives. What most people tend to forget is that these knives are designed to assist you in several tactical situations where a regular kitchen knife would be useless. Their design, manufacture, and accessories will enable you to get through incidents in the wild that might be minute yet essential.

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How to Choose the Best Tactical Knives

How You Plan to Use It

There are many different types of tactical knives all categorized by their use. The first step in finding the right tactical knife for you is to determine what you will be using the knife for. Here are a few examples.

Everyday Carry

EDC knives are ergonomically designed, lightweight, and easy to carry around. They come in a foldable design to save on space and are also equipped with pocket clips for easier carrying.


The design of a hunting knife is all dependent on the size of the game that you are hunting. If you are hunting a small animal, then there is no harm in settling for a small, sharp knife. Big games, on the other side, require a tactical knife with a tough edge.


Survival knives are a great option for you if you’re planning to spend loads of hours outside and do not want to be caught off-guard. They normally come with a fixed blade for extra strength and serrations to cut through wood and other materials easily.


Utility knives will perform almost every task that a typical knife is meant to. The knives cut well through fibrous materials and withstand extended and frequent use. Such knives need to be corrosion resistant to hold an edge properly.

Duty knives

Military personnel and police officers will find this knife to be most useful thanks to their sharp blades. These knives are popular for holding edges, resisting corrosion, and deploying quickly.

Construction Material

Construction of a tactical knife involves two different materials, one for the blade and the other for the handle. Each material plays equally important roles in the performance of the knife. The blade material needs to cut smoothly through materials as well as being resistant to corrosion and dirt. The handle material, on the other hand, needs to be comfortable and provide a firm grip to your hand.

Different materials are used for constructing the handles, based on their unique characteristics. Cool tactical knives use nylon because it is tough, stable at extremely high and low temperatures and is resistant to lots of chemicals. Rubber is popular for its grippy texture. It is considered for the task because it is long-lasting and provides an easy grip for accurate cutting.

Steel is yet another material used to make top tactical knives’ handles. While the material falls short of comfort, it makes up for this in its ultimate toughness. Steel is extremely tough and withstands wear and tear. In addition, it is rust and corrosion-resistant.  


Blade, as you all know, is the cutting edge of a knife. The blade pretty much makes up the entire knife. A knife with a deficient blade is considered to be poor in general, no matter how good its other features are. There are different aspects of the blade, as discussed.

Blade Material

Just as there are different materials used to construct the handle material of the knife, the same also applies to the blade. The material to settle for is dependent on the use of the knife. A blade material brings to the table several aspects.

One is the blade strength, which is the ability of the blade to resist fracturing and breaking. Second is edge retention, which is the ability of the blade to remain sharp without the need to sharpen it frequently. Lastly, we have the ease of sharpening, which is the ability of the blade to be sharpened without any difficulties.

A typical blade material cannot excel in all the categories. You need to look for a material that is profound in at least two. Steel is the best option. It is malleable, rigid, and corrosion-resistant. Moreover, it is robust and comes at an affordable price.

Fixed and Folding

Another essential aspect to consider is choosing between a fixed and a folding blade. Each of the two comes with different features distinct for different situations.

Fixed blades are powerful, no doubt about that.  They are large, sturdy, easy to clean and deploy quickly. Their strength and size prevent them from breaking easily. Fixed blades are ideal for survival, hunting, and duty courtesy of their dependability.

Folding blades retract into the knife’s handle. As a result, they are compact and easy to carry. Their portability property makes them ideal for utility, EDC, and military and law enforcement use.

Here is a video showing more about the usage of tactical knives.

5 Best Tactical Knives for Hunting, Military and EDC

Kershaw Everyday Carry Pocketknife

The Kershaw EDC Pocket Knife leads our list the same way it leads and dominates the pocket knife industry. The brand is popular for creating exceptionally high performing, high-quality tactical knives, among other tools that come at affordable prices to everyone. Kershaw designs and uses leading and advanced technology to engineer and craft reliable, durable, and fast-acting knives. This knife scoops the award for the best budget tactical knife.

Don’t let the compact, pocket design of the Kershaw EDC Pocket Knife fool you about its performance. The knife is a little beast designed to tackle any challenge that you put on its way. Its Diamond-Like Carbon (DLC) blade is powerful and fierce, offering dependability and consistency. Moreover, the blade is water and corrosion resistant, as well as a coefficient to low friction to avoid particles from attaching to the blade.

The secure locking system of high-end tactical knives makes deploying its lock fast and smooth. To deploy it, you need to apply pressure to the thumb and slightly push it open. The knife also comes with a pocket clip for convenience when carrying around. Finally, the grip of this pocket knife is an incredible one in all conditions inclusive of marine, freshwater, mud, snow, or messy skinning.  


  • Firm grip
  • Compact and pocket-friendly size
  • Super lightweight
  • Excellent construction and design


  • The locking system is close to the blade’s edge, which makes it slip out easily.

Pocket Knife Spring Assisted Folding Knives

Holding this knife in your hands will send a shivering cold down your enemy’s spine. The stainless steel blade and wooden handle construction of the Spring Assisted Pocket Knife give it a firm grip and unmatched durability. Its stainless steel is not only of high-quality but also sharp enough to make cutting and sharpening using this knife an easy task. The knife features a glass breaker and pocket clip as accessories.

The design and construction of this knife are ideal for a wide range of use, including fishing, hiking, camping, biking, climbing, travel, and survival. On top of these, it will make a great counterpart for EDC, self-defense, work, military, safety, and rescue operations. You are also note restricted from using it as camping, fishing, hunting, and kitchen accessory. It is our best tactical pocket knife.

Its compact design makes storage easy. Finally, this knife would make a perfect gift for your father, husband, boyfriend, brother, or other male figures. It is an alternative to telling them to be safe when outdoors.


  • Razor-sharp and cut through items easily
  • Excellent quality
  • Great design and construction
  • Features a pocket clip and glass breaker


  • Its spring assist isn’t very quick and strong when compared to Kershaw knife.
  • Might be difficult to open when new

Spring Assisted Pocket Folding Knife

What you’re settling for with the purchase of this tactical EDC knife is a high quality, safe, secure, and reliable tool. Its all-black version is cool, stylish, and renders it invisible. Complete your tactical attire of boots, pants, watch, and sunglasses by having this piece hang through the knife pouch of your tactical vest. The knife is perfect for everything- literally. Whether hunting, fishing, camping, emergencies, self-defense, military, DIY, among other outdoor activities, this knife will offer its services to the fullest.

Its construction incorporates a black coated stainless steel that offers an excellent balance of toughness and corrosion resistance to ensure smooth operation even without sharpening it. Moreover, the blade is razor-sharp and will cut through everything smoothly as a table knife is to butter.

Another thing that we loved with the knife is that it features a simple, secure, and reliable liner-lock that is dirt resistant and prevents abrupt closure. The manufacturers backed this knife with a 10-year warranty as proof of its exceedingly long lifespan. Always carry this knife around for your protection and smooth transition during emergencies.


  • Has ten years warranty
  • Suitable for a wide range of use
  • Razor-sharp knife
  • Dirt and corrosion resistant


  • Slightly heavy

Steinbrucke Tactical Knife

Steinbrucke has its logo firmly marked on the blade of its tactical knife to keep counterfeit goods off. The knife is simple to use and highly portable. It features a reversible clip which is convenient for both right and left-handers. 

A heavy-duty, high performing German stainless steel was used in its construction- and we all know the reputation of German machines. Its inner frame is 1.5mm thick, making it sturdy enough to cut through most of the items. Also, the steel is rust and dirt resistance making it suitable for outdoor use

The design of Steinbrucke is a premium one that features an ergonomic aluminum handle that is anti-slip for a firm grip and easy handling. Finally, this knife works perfectly with numerous materials and makes an excellent support tool during your outdoor activities.


  • Portable and easy to use
  • High performing stainless steel construction
  • Multi-purpose knife
  • Razor-sharp


  • Only an inch of the blade is sharpened

Smith & Wesson Assisted Folding Knife

Smith and Wesson Company once again leaves their mark in the tactical knife field the same way they have in all other tactical gears. The company decided to focus on designing knives which would be ideal for all kinds of situations. Whether you’re a survivalist, a first responder, or a general knife collector, you will find this knife to be a useful tool in your everyday activities.

The knife is dependable and easily accessible thanks to its safety lock system and pocket clip. It makes use of a reliable black carbon stainless steel with an aluminum handle in its construction. The steel is dirt and corrosion-resistant, making it ideal for outdoor use. Moreover, the handle provides a firm grip for convenient and easy handling.

Finally, the knife has a glass breaker, which may prove to be useful during emergencies such as a rescue mission.


  • Good sturdy construction
  • Has a pocket clip for ample storage
  • Razor-sharp


  • Poor quality of the blade flick
  • Slightly heavy


A good tactical knife narrows down to its blade. The handle and closure system are all important, but not as essential as the blade. The blade will determine how smooth your cut will be. With this, you need to pay more attention to the blade if you wish to end up with a high-quality product. Ensure that the blade is razor-sharp, tough, and durable as well as resistant to corrosion and dirt. Also, take note of the handle for a firm and secure grip.

If you didn’t have time to read through the entire article, then it is worthwhile to note that our best tactical pocket knife overall is the Kershaw EDC Pocket Knife. Its design, size, weight, and blade all play a significant role in its performance. The knife enjoys thousands of positive reviews from customers all over the globe, an indication of how good it is. Kershaw EDC Pocket Knife takes home the award for the best budget tactical knife. No need to spend loads of cash when you can find an affordable one with impeccable features.