5 Best Tactical Gloves for Ultimate Hand Protection

How do you know a tactical glove is right for you? The two essential things that make up the best tactical gloves is their ability to keep you warm during cold times and not hindering the movement of your hands in any situation. The two are only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to tactical gloves.

Our review touches on everything you need to know about tactical gloves, including the top five best products in the current market. Read on for full information. 

How to choose the Best Tactical Gloves


Different situations require gloves made using different materials if you wish to be on top of your game. Two major categories come up when talking about the materials used to design tactical gloves- natural and synthetic materials. Some gloves combine the two into a hybrid version with qualities from both parties.

Natural Material

A lot of benefits come with using natural materials for your tactical gloves. Tactical gloves made using natural materials enjoy a high-quality finish, show indications of wearing out in advance, are comfortable to touch and wear and offer exceptional levels of dexterity. 

Leather is the most common natural material used. It is durable, comfortable, and comes with exceptional breathability. Moreover, it has a moisture-absorbing property, which leaves you dry and comfortable at all times.

The only downside with leather is that it makes use of chromium (VI) for the tanning process. The chemical is known to cause allergic reactions to some people, although manufacturers limit its use as much as possible

Synthetic Material

Similar to natural materials, synthetic materials also come with their benefits: they are generally lighter, come at a cheaper cost, offer more protection, and use high performing fabrics. This group has a lot of materials at their disposal. Some of the synthetic materials used are inclusive of Kevlar, spandex, Velcro, neoprene, and microfiber.

Nylon and polyester are known for their toughness, waterproof, and wrinkle resistance and make the best waterproof tactical gloves. Neoprene, on the other hand, is suitable for cold places and seasons due to its heat retention capability. Finally, spandex is known for its flexibility allowing the hands to move freely.  

Finger dexterity

The level of finger dexterity will easily make you jump from one glove to another. Finger dexterity is basically the ease of using your fingers as if they were uncovered. Your fingers need to be free and comfortable. The better the finger dexterity offered by a glove, the better it is. A good glove will even enable you to operate your touchscreen phone with ease. The purpose of the dexterity is to make you continue with your normal daily duties with ease when you have your gloves on.


A glove without grip can be rendered useless- or at least for show off. Poor grip in tactical gloves limits you from using your weapons properly and even getting a good hold of your firearm. For this reason, many professionals opt to settle for fingerless gloves- no equipment will provide you with a better grip than your natural hands.

A good grip is essential when handling a firearm. You need to be in contact with the trigger before taking the shot; otherwise you won’t hit your target. Modern tactical shooting gloves try to resolve the issue of grip by featuring special fingertips and textured palms. The two features are to give you a superior grip for handling small items, using technology, and for all your shooting needs. 


Tactical gloves were designed initially for police officers and special units operations and provided them with the required traction to handle their knives and weapons. The range of use is wider nowadays and even extends to sports. What you’re going to use your gloves for will determine the type to settle for. Here are some of the modern uses of tactical gloves.


Every hunter will include tactical gloves in their packing list for each of their expeditions. They are aware that the gloves provide them with the needed camouflage and silence to crawl and move through bushes undetected. Moreover, the gloves give them a firm grip to handle their riflescope even when covered in mud.

Tactical situation

The tactical situation category includes police officers, military soldiers, paratroopers, and marines. When you are under this category, you know that tactical scenarios can occur under various circumstances and that you need to be prepared at all times. Tactical gloves are among these preparations.

The best combat gloves allow you to handle your gear as if you’re barehanded. You will be covered in mud at times, and still need to use your rifles. The gloves will ensure your hands are firm and that you can comfortably shoot without interfering with your posture or style.


Tactical gloves are man’s best friends during the winter period. When nothing seems to ease the thaw on your hands, tactical winter gloves will take up the responsibility. They will provide you with ample warmth and support from the cold as well as insulate your body heat. High insulation comes with one problem- it limits the dexterity and movement of your hands. Manufacturers, therefore, try to balance the dexterity and insulation but seem to always sacrifice the lesser important one of the two- the insulation.

Paintball and airsoft

Two of America’s fun sports require tactical gloves for their operations. While the two sports can be all fun and laughs, they can also get dangerous if you don’t use the right equipment. We recommend using tactical gloves to avoid stiffness, injuries, and bruises to your hands.

Here is a video explaining more on the basics of tactical gloves.

5 Best Military Tactical Gloves Review

PIG Full Dexterity Tactical Gloves

No good deed goes unrewarded. Pig’s hard work has made its popularity rise quickly to higher levels and making it the go-to-brand for authentic and professional tactical gears. One of their highest performing and most popular products is the Pig Full Dexterity Tactical Gloves. The premium glove packs with it the most popular features among the company’s previous models but at a lower cost. What is in store for you with this updated version?

For starters, this glove features a touchscreen compatible thumb and forefinger. You shouldn’t have restrictions from using your gadgets simply because you have gloves on. Secondly, its fold-over finger construction eliminates discomfort from your fingertips. Also, the finger dexterity with this glove is top-notch. You wouldn’t struggle to tie your shoelaces or handle your handguns and other armories with this product.

The PIG Tactical Gloves come with a single layer palm. The reason for this is to enhance your shooting grip. The lesser the material between your hands and your handguns, the higher the grip- more so, at the trigger finger. Moreover, you can easily reach out to your pocket and pick an item without any struggles.


  • Tight and perfect fit
  • Excellent dexterity
  • Compatible with touch screen
  • Affordable pricing


  • Starts to separate after continuous heavy use
  • Its rubber grip texture falls off and should not exist.

CLC Custom Leathercraft Gloves

The articulate blend of quality, function, and style of this pair of gloves still remains unmatched. Custom Leathercraft has mastered a subtle art of designing tactical gloves, which is still a mystery to many. What are some of the features that this glove brings to the table? A texture dab for easy donning, syntrex microfiber palm with extra padding, reinforced textured fingertips, stretch fit panel at the thumb, and touchscreen compatibility for easy mobile device operation.

Amidst all of the above-mentioned features, this glove boasts most of providing its users with efficient warmth during the coldest winter times, courtesy of its synthetic leather construction. The leather also provides it with profound toughness and a shrink resistance property. Moreover, the glove is waterproof, making it suitable for outdoor activities.

It is a common occurrence for gloves to snag on metal or woods when in use- a concept foreign with this pair. It has concealed inner stitching to prevent such cases. Also, its stretchable spandex provides it with significant levels of dexterity to allow you to work without any constraints. Finally, we have a high appreciation for its strap that keeps the glove in place at all times and prevents it from falling off.


  • Waterproof, shrink-proof and snag proof
  • Its strap prevents the gloves from falling off
  • Provides warmth during extremely cold periods


  • Lacks knuckle padding
  • Not highly durable as advertised

Mechanix Wear Tactical Gloves

Mechanix has its name branded all over the back of this pair in a calligraphy manner that sends the message ‘cool and fashionable.’ The manufacturers designed this pair using a form-fitting material, which makes wearing these gloves super comfortable and cool. Do you know those gloves that are too heavy and warm, and turn out to be uncomfortable after wearing them for prolonged durations? Well, these aren’t like those.

The Mechanix gloves come with a seamless palm in a bid to improve their fit and dexterity. They are machine washable, and the nylon construction becomes a plus when storing them. The durability of these gloves is top-notch, a feature that makes them ideal military tactical gloves.

A thumb-down with this product, as noted by some customers, is that it comes with lots of counterfeit goods, and you could end up settling for a low-quality product that tarnishes the name of the producers. The step to make counterfeit gloves is, however, an indication of the prosperity and rise in popularity of the product. Ensure you purchase your Mechanix Tactical Gloves from trusted sellers.


  • Lightweight and comfortable
  • Durable
  • Affordable pricing


  • Has lots of counterfeits

Glove Station Covert Gloves

How about you look good and feel even better with the one-size-for-all Glove Station Covert Gloves? We love the design of this pair, and we’re certain you too will. Its all-black tactical gloves version is cool and comes with the brand’s logo at the back wrist to authenticate it and prevent you from purchasing counterfeit products. Secondly, its mesh and synthetic leather do not only bring warmth to the table but also durability, excellent comfort, and adequate breathability to keep your hands dry and warm at all times. 

Putting this glove on will be effortless thanks to its hook and loop straps that ensure the glove remains in your wrist all through. Its design incorporates four different sizes; small, medium, large, and extra-large suitable for all ages.

Finally, this glove is a versatile one, ideal for numerous outdoor activities including carpentry, wood carving, skiing, cycling, biking, outdoor sports, crafting, gardening, driving, and car repairing, among others.


  • Versatile and suitable for a wide range of uses
  • Comfortable and breathable
  • Features a strap to keep it in place


  • May not be shipped in perfect condition
  • Not a perfect fit

Valken Half Finger Airsoft Gloves

The Valken Half Finger Airsoft Gloves comes with a hard plastic running from the wrist down to the knuckles. The design of these gloves sends a clear message of serious business. Wearing the gloves will make you on top of your game, where you will worry less about the safety conditions of your hands but more about your field performance.

These gloves are highly flexible without compromising on their protection in any manner. The positive ratings from numerous users are an indication that they were satisfied by the performance and wouldn’t wish for anything better. When it comes to breathability, the back of the gloves has a mesh construction. The design comes in handy when you are performing heavy-duty tasks where you are prone to sweat.

The price attached to this glove is relatively cheap when compared to other products in the market, which comes as a relief to many users. You don’t need to break your bank just to own this pair of gloves.


  • Highly breathable and flexible
  • Comes at an affordable price
  • Great performance


  • Not highly durable as advertised


Our article touched on the best tactical gloves currently. Don’t get us wrong; there are hundreds if not thousands of incredible products out there. However, there five stand tall above the rest, bringing you everything you could ever want in a tactical glove. The products will ensure that you get the right amounts of protection during your outdoor activities while at the same time provide you with the needed comfort and mobility.

As a custom, we have to choose a favorite among our list. The Pig Full Dexterity Tactical Gloves stole our hearts and scooped the award for the best product overall. Mechanix Wear Tactical Gloves is also one worth checking out. It enjoys thousands of positive reviews, and we are sure there is a good reason for that!