5 Best Tactical, Survival and EDC Belts for Men

A man is defined by the shoes he wears, watch around his wrist and finally the belt on his waist. One common thing with men globally is that they have a soft spot in their hearts for their belts- especially their first ones. Well, you can make every belt that goes around your waist a special one by considering our list for the best tactical belts. These are more than just belts!

How to Choose the Best Tactical Belts


Instructor belts

Instructor belts are popular for their clipping mechanism as well as heavy-duty construction. They can support weights of a minimum of 500 pounds and a few thousand for the upper limit. They come with numerous rows of stitching for top-notch strength.

Rigger belts

Rigger belts are intended for rappelling and make a good choice for zip lining, rock and mountain climbing, and fast-roping. The reason for this is that their design incorporates anchor points whose function is to hold your pants up during intense and strenuous activities. Their downside is that they aren’t capable of holding gears and would not be of any use to military soldiers and law enforcement officers.

First responder belt

Just as their name suggests, these belts prove to be useful during emergency times. They are convertible to carry straps, emergency harness or tie downs to support a wide range of uses. Simultaneously, you can use them for everyday-carry, thus their top-notch comfort. They use nylon for their construction.

Military and Law Enforcement Belts

Military and law enforcement belts (or gun belts if you like) are amongst the stiffest and toughest options as their work is to support holsters and gears. They are much more superior to the normal belts, but this comes with the cost of high prices.

Gun belts are known for their durable hardware, reinforced stitching, nylon mesh construction and tensile strength. They are available in leather and nylon constructions. Finally, they feature lots of pouches for storing guns and handcuffs, which are easily accessible. 


The material used to construct a belt determines its performance and durability, so take note of this point. The choice of material to settle for is dependent on personal preference. Two common materials used are nylon and leather.

Leather brings to the table superior strength, thickness, durability and prestige and is a great option for designing a military tactical belt. Their look is classy and can go with any type of outfit. Nylon, on the other hand, would be a favorite to vegans, for obvious reasons. It is durable, offers tensile strength and is cheaper when compared to leather. The only downside with nylon is that it isn’t formal and wouldn’t be suitable for office wear. If, however, you are more into the hunting, camping and tactical fields, this shouldn’t be a worry.


If you are a police officer and don’t want to draw attention by showing off the handcuffs and gun attached to your belt, then you need to settle for a belt with concealment. Most of the military and law enforcement belts come with these. The concealment assists you to conceal-carry your guns, handcuffs and knives and avoids unnecessary attention during your line of duty.


The buckle design of your belt isn’t just there for show off but serves a far important role. It works together with the metal pin to hold your belt firmly through the holes. It isn’t once or twice that we have seen people change their belts simply because they didn’t like the buckle system. So, it is important to pay closer attention to it.

Most of the belts make use of metal buckle made using either aluminum or steel. A few cases, however, decide to go with sturdy plastic buckles. Both types will do an incredible job if they are of good designs. When it comes to adjustability, we wouldn’t advise that you settle for belts with holes the simple reason being that such tactical belts cannot be micro-adjusted for a perfect and snug fit; no matter how much you try. Remember, the keyword is micro-adjusted. Most of the times, the perfect fit will be in between two holes, and there is nothing that you can do about it.

When you’re considering the buckle, look for one that will feel good, will adjust easily, is strong enough to hold your pants and equipment and is durable to last you a couple of years. If you find such a buckle, then you have landed yourself the best tactical belt.

To help you further understand the criteria for choosing the best tactical belts, check out this valuable and in-depth video.


5 Best Tactical Belts To Buy in 2020 – Top Products Reviews

Dickies Men’s Leather Double Prong Belt

Have you ever looked at a belt and wondered, “How does this belt work?” but didn’t want to ask around simply to avoid embarrassment? We have been there, and the Dickies Men’s Leather Double Prong Belt is one of those kinds. The unique buckle-less tactical belt setup of this belt might make you seem like a dummy but does an incredible job to ensure that your pants hold subtly to your waist and stick there for the rest of the day.

Dickies have a reputation for durability; one of the core specs of a belt. The belt is designed using 100% leather and will wrap around your waist for as long as you can imagine. Moreover, there are different sizes for people with waists ranging from 30 to 40 inches. No matter how plump or slim you are, there is a hole waiting for you to stick the metal pin in the plate.

How does this belt work? There is a metal plate sewn to the strap and has a metal pin which sticks out towards you. You use the pin for closing the belt, but we advise discretion while doing so. Dickies designed this belt for hard workers who take on heavy-duty jobs. The buckle and straps are strong enough for the support you need all through your working hours. A great alternative for this belt is the Fairwin tactical belt– You will love it too!


  • Extremely durable
  • Sturdy and comfortable
  • Perfect fit
  • Great customer care


  • Doesn’t have numerous holes as advertised
  • Not thick, stiff and wide enough to hold a gun

KingMoore Men’s Tactical Belt

If you’re in search of the best shooters belt, one that will hold your handguns safe and sound, then it will be worth it trying out the KingMoore Men’s Tactical Belt. The belt incorporates thick, high-quality nylon in its construction. You might be reluctant with the idea of nylon for belts, but this one used the soft tank grain braid technology to ensure the nylon has the required gas permeability and flexibility for your utmost comfort.

The buckle of this nylon tactical belt uses aluminum alloy. Its internal structure, on the other hand, comes with a strong copper stainless steel which endures impact as high as 9000N- all without damaging or deforming. Moreover, you have the liberty to adjust the tightness to meet your requirements.

The manufacturers of this belt used numerous soldiers to test it, and the results were overwhelming. Its design is a perfect one, applicable to all kinds of tactical and outdoor trousers, overalls as well as casual pants. Despite being branded as a ‘Men’s belt’, both men and women are welcome to enjoy its benefits.


  • Perfect for holding guns
  • Strong and durable
  • Easy to use


  • Requires a long period to break in it

Columbia Men’s & Boys’ Military Web Belt

Our first and second products used leather and nylon for their construction, respectively. This one, on the other hand, comes with 100% cotton, is imported and hand-washable. Columbia Military Tactical Web Belt is a military-style belt with a timeless classic fashion whose toxic masculinity requires every boy and man to have it in their closets. It is the new go-to belt after your previous one gets destroyed.

The belt is wearable for every occasion- from camping and hiking to barbequing and schooling. Moreover, no pair of pants can clash with it. Wear it with jeans, khaki, or even shorts and you will look spectacular. There is a small and medium-size for boys and large ones for men.

Columbia is a trusted brand in America, with years of experience. When you purchase this belt, be sure that you’re purchasing quality and that it is worth every of your penny. Finally, this belt comes with eight different colors to choose from: khaki, black, navy, red, brown, beige, charcoal and green. There is something for everyone.


  • Feels and looks nice
  • Affordable price
  • Wide color options to choose from
  • Wide range of fit


  • Poor quality buckle
  • Not very durable

Klik Belts Tactical Belt 

Are you tired of constantly purchasing new belts because of poor buckles of the tear and wear effect? Yeah, we thought so. Look no further with the Klik Belts Tactical Belt in the market. The manufacturers of this belt found a way of designing a super durable belt without having to sacrifice on its comfort in any way.

The belt’s apex of strength lies in its aluminum cobra buckle that is developed in Austria, earning it the award for the best cobra belt. Its material is similar to those used in fighter jets, space travel and commercial planes. If such people can trust the belt, then who are we? Buckling this belt is one of the most satisfying things. Once you tie the belt around your waist, nothing comes out unless by your authorization, of course.

The Klik Belt is a belt for everyone and every mission. Its flexibility and vertical strength make it a great option for holding your guns, presumably the best tactical gun belt. Finally, this belt is available in four different color options: matte black, brown, green and aluminum-black.


  • Extremely sturdy and durable
  • Ideal for holding guns
  • Proudly made in the USA
  • Great buckle that is easy and fast to connect and disconnect


  • Most of its loops don’t go through the buckle forcing you to unthread it
  • Its silicone ring is inferior to the Velcro kind

Carhartt Men’s Signature Casual Belt

Carhartt was founded in 1889 and enjoys over 100 years in the garment industry- from t-shirts to jeans and sweaters- you name it! They exploded the belt industry with one of their impeccable products; Carhartt Men’s Signature Casual Belt- the best EDC belt in our list. This is a simple but classy belt, one which John Wick would probably wear.

Not much is there to say about this tactical belt, and its performance and thousands of positive reviews will speak for itself. Coming out of 100% leather construction, you know what to expect from its comfort and durability. Check out the company’s logo stamped at the tip of the belt to differentiate it from counterfeit products.

Some of the notable features of this belt include a 100% leather construction, buckle closure system, 1.5 inches width and a logoed keeper. Unfortunately, this belt is short of spectacular features as well as its color options, with brown and black being the only choices.


  • High-quality leather material
  • Comfortable
  •  Simple but classic look


  • Not highly durable as anticipated


Dickies Men’s Leather Double Prong Belt scoops the award for the best product overall with Klik Belts Tactical Belt closely behind it. Columbia Men’s & Boys’ Military Web Belt, on the other hand, is the best military and everyday-carry belt. Each of these belts excels in their categories.

What better option could you settle for than the ones in our list? One common thing with all our belts is that they will do an incredible job to ensure that your pants and equipment remain in place at all times. Different types of belts are essential for different situations, and our products are special for every occasion. Look good and stay prepared simultaneously with the best tactical belts!