5 Best Shoulder Holster Reviews

It is no doubt that the hip holster is slowly overtaking the shoulder holster as a favorite to many law enforcement officers thanks to its style and comfort. However, a huge number of people still have a special place in their hearts for the old and traditional shoulder holsters thanks to the design. When choosing a shoulder holster, ensure it offers great balance, support and has its weight evenly distributed.

Choosing the right shoulder holster can prove to be a headache, especially when you don’t know where to start from. Chances are that even after spending hours and resources trying to find the perfect product, you will still come out empty-handed. For this reason, we went out of our way to provide you with a list of the best shoulder holsters the current market. There is a bonus buying guide for you!

How to Choose the Best Shoulder Holster

Choosing the right shoulder holster is more than just looking for the color that best appeals to you. It is more about taking time to inspect features that will be useful and which make the holster more effective. When purchasing a shoulder holster, here are some of the features to look out for.


We classified shoulder holsters based on the direction of where the gun is pointing at, and we got three categories- vertical, horizontal and 45° shoulder holsters. Their features are as discussed below.

Vertical shoulder holster

The vertical holster lies vertically against your body. Its guns can be placed in an upright or upside-down direction. When facing upside down, the muzzle is facing up. This type of holster comes with the advantage of being easy to draw when the gun’s muzzle is facing downwards. Also, when the gun is in an upside-down direction, the concealment of the holster is maximized.

Horizontal shoulder holster

Horizontal holsters have their guns lie in a horizontal manner and allow for quick drawing. Concealing your gun is almost impossible with this holster unless it is small in size. You need to be very careful and well-trained to use this holster. Drawing guns from it poses a huge danger to bystanders. We couldn’t emphasize more on caution with it.

Horizontal shoulder holsters aren’t the best option for small handguns.

45° shoulder holster

Just as its name suggests, this holster, normally used as a revolver shoulder holster, has the gun pointing at a 45° angle. Drawing your gun with this holster should be very easy not to mention that it allows for enhanced concealment of revolvers.


Safety is a core consideration when purchasing a shoulder holster. Your shoulder holster should not only allow you to draw out your weapon easily but also keep it safe and secure during physical activities. A good tip from us is to choose a holster that features a restraining strap or thumb break. Their purpose is to hold the gun in place until its use is needed.

If you’re using multiple guns, you should look for a model with an adjustable strap so as to accommodate guns of different sizes.


Three materials are commonly used to design shoulder holsters- Kydex, nylon and leather. Each material comes with its own strengths and weaknesses, which can make them either right or completely unsuitable for the job.


Kydex is a brand of polymer (plastic) which is normally molded to precise specifications by manufacturers. Its maintenance is very low, pretty much a wipe-down when it gets dirty. There are both sides of the coin with this material. For starters, Kydex is a favorite to many as it is extremely lightweight and requires no break-in period as is the case with leather. Also, its price is way less than that of leather.

On the other hand, Kydex is prone to wearing off, particularly around the corners and edges. Also, drawing your gun from the material can be quite noisy. 


Nylon is the cheapest option in the market, and its price has no say, whatsoever, when it comes to its incredible durability. Most of the nylon holsters come with stiffeners and fasteners to allow you to customize them. Nylon is a favorite to many people, not just because drawing guns from them is whisper quiet but also because the material is universally accepted as it isn’t molded for a specific firearm.

The only problem with nylon is that its less structure is translated to mean less structural integrity and security.


Leather has a reputation for being resilient and tough, not to mention its very high-quality standards. It is comfortable, flexible and forms to the body with time. Unlike Kydex, drawing your gun out of leather isn’t noisy. The downside with leather is that its quality degrades with time and reduces its support. Also, on a hot day, the heat that comes with leather can be unbearable. Our list contains some of the best leather shoulder holsters.


Not everyone prefers to wear their shoulder holsters over their clothing. There is that group who would rather hide them inside their garments, and thus go for a concealed carry shoulder holster. For this reason, concealment becomes an important consideration in your shoulder holster purchase. Concealing your holster depends more on your wardrobe than the holster itself. A leather holster will conceal perfectly under a suit coat. T-shirts, blouses and light jackets, on the other hand, will blend better with a nylon holster.

Here is a video showing you how to properly wear your shoulder holster.

5 Best Shoulder Holster of 2020

XCH ambidextrous Shoulder Holster

The high-quality, brown, leather construction of this gun holster will be the first thing to notice about it. There are quality holsters, and then there is the XCH ambidextrous holster. This holster is designed durable to take a beating. No matter how much you misuse it, it will still serve you to the fullest.

The dual 1911 shoulder holster is a versatile one and will work with the 1911 pistol, Sig Sauer, Makarov, Tokarev, Zastava and Norinco among other handguns. Moreover, it isn’t biased to the hand and can be used by both left-handed and right-handed shooters.

The versatility of this pistol shoulder doesn’t end there- it is usable as both IWB and OWB without straps and also can be worn in any manner- horizontally or vertically. Finally, the straps of this holster are adjustable for a perfect fit.


  • Adjustable straps
  • Ideal for both left-handed and right-handed shooters.
  • High-quality construction


  • Unsuitable for large people

Neween Anti-Theft Holster

If you have a liking for simple and meticulously designed products, then the Neween Anti-Theft Holster will surely amuse you. This is a high-quality leather holster that is simple and comfortable. Its anti-theft design ensures maximum safety of your items. Moreover, it is of unisex design, and anyone can wear it.

Why should you purchase it? Five unique features make this holster a worthy investment: high-quality material, adjustable straps, a reliable buckle, anti-theft design and finally comfortable and practical. In other words, it is an all-in-one holster.

Comfort was a top priority when designing the holster. You can wear it over your jacket or under a t-shirt without any problems. It is travel-friendly with compartments for storing your keys, smartphone, notebook, tablet mini-flashlight, among other essentials. It is our most comfortable shoulder holster.

Finally, the rugged design of the holster makes it firm. It also holds your items securely without the risk of them falling off. The holster, therefore, becomes a great choice for travelling, running and business trips.


  • Unisex design
  • Adjustable and comfortable
  • Good construction
  • Practical and functional


  • Won’t fit your passport.

Neotech Care Shoulder Strap

The price attached to this holster is one to leave a smile. We can confidently state that the Neotech Care Shoulder Strap will fit in your budget without any problems. What’s even better is that it is available in four different sizes: medium, large, extra-large and 2X-large. Regardless of the sizes, all the models come in the same price tag.

This holster provides users with maximum support. To ensure that this is achieved, the holster features adjustable elastic side pulls. You can also compress the straps for extra support. The strap’s durability and breathability are also excellent, and you’ll wear it for long hours without any stress.

This holster is recommended by orthopedics as gear for enhancing back support. It ensures that you stand and sit up straight and aligns your backbone properly. Anyone who experiences back pains will love the holster.

Also, the holster is travel-friendly and doesn’t feature any metallic parts that may hinder you from entering the airport. Finally, it is perfect for sports, exercises and outdoor activities.


  • It is recommended for people with backaches.
  • Excellent performance
  • Compact and comfortable
  • Tough and durable


  • Inaccurate sizing

Luiton Universal Shoulder Holster

Luiton Universal Shoulder Holster is a perfect holster for survival, search and rescue parties as well a wildland fire. Its features enable it to withstand extreme features. And although this strap comes at a slightly higher price than its competitors, it is worth every penny.

How good is it? The fact that the holster is designed for wildfires should erase any doubts that you have concerning its quality. It is made using high-quality nylon that is comfortable and adjustable to fit radios of any size.

This holster is wearable inside vests and jackets for concealment purposes. Its chest style radio harness makes it a suitable option for law enforcement officers. The holster was designed for use in dangerous environments, and the manufacturers included a compartment for a walkie-talkie. Communication with partners, thereby, becomes easy.


  • Ideal for search and rescue operations
  • Tough construction
  • Great fit
  • comfortable


  • Slightly expensive

Hersent Anti-Thief Hidden Underarm Shoulder Holster

Our last product is a uniquely-designed strap that is engineered for the safety of all your items. It is more of a travel-bag than a gun-holster. We love it for the fact that it is travel-friendly. It will carry your items with ease when you’re out to work, barbequing or camping. Moreover, it is comfortable, and you can put it for long hours with zero stress.

The holster comes with four magic pockets for holding outdoor accessories of different sizes. The pockets can fit in your mini-flashlight, earphones, crash, passport, pen, keys, smartphone and tablet. They are safe and easily retrievable. The product thus becomes a great choice for campers and hunters.

The quality of Hersent Anti-thief Shoulder Holster is premium. The company used durable nylon in its construction. It is water and scratch-resistant, tough and durable as well as comfortable. Moreover, there is no risk associated with purchasing this product. If you aren’t satisfied with the purchase, you can always return it at any time.


  • Travel-friendly
  • Has numerous compartments
  • Scratch and water-resistant


  • Bulky and heavy


While there are thousands of great shoulder holsters in the market, these are uniquely designed for maximum performance. Moreover, they are affordable, and you won’t spend a lot to own them. The Neween Anti-Theft Holster is our favorite. It makes a worthy investment. The other products, nonetheless, are also worth checking out.