5 Best Range Bags for Hunting, Military and EDC

Range bags have immensely grown in their popularity in the last two decades, especially among competition shooters. Range bags provide the best organization, storage, and transportation for all your shooting accessories as well as handguns. Range bags have the upper hand over duffle bags as they are designed precisely for the shooting range. They’ll comfortably carry your ammunition, firearms, shooting glasses, hearing protection, spotting scope, and anything you carry along to the ranges.

For the best shooting experience, consider our list for the Best Range Bags.

How to Choose the Best Range Bags


The constructional form of a tactical range bag differs from the regular bags. They are used to carry pistols and handguns, so their chambers need to be sturdy and secure so that they don’t get damaged. Also, the pockets need to be well padded for added protection and security. The design of the bags entails their sizes and longevity.


Size matters a lot when it comes to range bags. If you’re planning to store a lot of things, then you need more space to fit everything in. The downside is that large range bags are hard to carry. So the size to settle for narrows down to personal preference based on the needs. Also, the size of the range bag will dictate the type of gun you’ll carry. The compartments of the guns should be divided for better organization and safety.


The lifespan of your range bag is a natural factor, determined by the intensity of use and quality of construction. Range bags will undergo harsh conditions being roughly dragged from one place to another. For this reason, they need to be durable and sturdy. Three best materials for assured durability are nylon, polyester, and canvas.


Range bags are divided into different types based on your activities, the environment, and the content that they hold. Here are some types:

Range bag backpack

These bags are normally small and don’t accommodate long firearms. They keep your hands free so that you can handle the rifles. They are ideal for carrying magazines and small guns. Also, they normally have water bottles with hoses to allow you to drink from them easily.

Pistol range bag

Pistol range bags are compact in size and are normally carried by hand. They come with numerous side pockets for storing extra magazines. Their purpose is to protect your handguns.

Shoulder strap

Shoulder straps are ideal for storing large firearms alongside other equipment. They have long zippers to allow you to access your items more easily. They are worn by strapping them across the shoulder.

Items to carry in your range bag

After you have bought yourself the right shooting range bag, the next step entails filling it up. The purpose of the range bag is to have all your essentials in hand to avoid any inconveniences. You wouldn’t want to cut short your trip because you left something back. Here are some of the most important items that you should pack in your tactical range bag.


Ammunition should be on top of your list. When packing ammunition, always ensure that you pack more than the amount you intend to use. It will surprise you to find out numerous people arrive at the gun range only to realize that they underestimated the amount of ammo they were to use. Don’t make the same mistake- be smart. Carrying extra ammo is cheaper than buying others.

First aid kit

Having a first aid kit, especially when you’re going on an outdoor adventure, is a very wise idea. Accidents can occur in the middle of nowhere, and medical assistance may not be readily available. Pack a first aid kit, and you may not know whose life you are going to save out there.

Ear and eye protection

Every range and shooting expedition will require ear and eye protection one way or another, so carrying the two with you will be an excellent idea. Most of the ranges have it as mandatory that everyone should have their ear and eye protection with them, even if you will not be actively taking part in the shooting. Also, have a backup of the gears in case you break or lose the ones you’ll be using- otherwise, you’ll find yourself using freebies that aren’t of the best quality.


It is without saying that you will spend lots of hours in the sun and so water will come in handy. Shooting for prolonged periods will easily drain you and make you thirsty. You should have with you bottled water to keep yourself hydrated.


A flashlight might not be necessary for most of you, but will be of help in some cases. You can find yourself shooting till evening hours, where the light will be limited. A flashlight will provide enough light for you even as you pack ready to begin your journey back home.

Book and pen

Jotting down data to record the number of rounds a weapon has used helps you to keep a clean record. It is also a good way of noting down some mistakes and working towards perfecting them. If you’re into long-range shooting, then you’ll require a logbook or Data On Previous Engagement (DOPE).

Here is a video expounding more on some of the essentials to carry in a tactical range bag.

5 Best Range Bags for the Money

GunMate Range Bag

There is nothing flashy with the GunMate Range Bag, but it gets the work done perfectly. If you have a liking for straightforward and simple range bags, but equally effective and efficient, then the GunMate Range Bag is your choice. This range bag weighs a mere 2.5 pounds when empty and has enough space to store two handguns and a couple of tactical gears- making it a 2-pistol range bag.

The interior of this bag is one to pay more attention to. It features lots of movable dividers as well as plenty of padding. There are two zippered compartments at either side to fit two handguns. The center will fit all your tactical gear from sunglasses to binoculars and ear protection. There are also eyelets on the tabs of every compartment for secure locking.

The material used in the construction of this bag is durable enough to take on a lifetime of beating. Unlike most low-quality products, the bottom part of this bag is equally sturdy and will not sag upon being subjected to constant pressure. Finally, this bag comes at an affordable price, and you settle for much more than what you pay with it.


  • Affordable pricing
  • High-quality construction
  • Tough and durable
  • Numerous compartments for easy organization


  • Too small to carry large guns
  • The bag isn’t waterproof

OSAGE RIVER Tactical Range Bag

tactical range bag

Osage River Tactical Range Bag gets a nod from everyone in our review team as the best pistol range bag in our list. To be honest, the bag comes with impeccable features, and it will be difficult to outdo it. This is considering the fact that it incorporates 600D Ballistic Nylon in its construction and has enough room to store several pistols and tactical gear.

The bag is available in two different sizes- standard and light-duty sizes. We recommend the standard size if you are planning on stacking a couple of firearms together with your personal belongings. Selecting the right tactical range bag is way similar to a gun safe- you go with the option that provides you with ample space to store all your firearms and still have room for more in the future.

The manufacturers of this bag have managed to sway thousands of customers in their way thanks to the lifetime warranty that the bag comes with. If for any reason you aren’t satisfied with your purchase, you are always welcome to return it and get a full refund for your purchase. Other than that, you’ll also love the fact that it has a total of nine storage compartments. No firearm should be left behind with this range bag in place.


  • Available in two sizes; standard and light duty
  • Comes plenty of storage
  • Has a lifetime warranty


  • The pouches don’t have closures
  • Saggy bottom

Explorer Tactical Range Bag

If you thought that the 600Denier Nylon of the Osage River Tactical Range was one to beat, then you haven’t met the 1200D nylon that the Explorer Tactical Handgun Range Bag comes with. The bag enjoys thousands of positive reviews and becomes one of the top-rated range bags in the current market. The manufacturers took time with it and produced a beauty that caught everyone’s attention. Why should you consider its purchase?

For starters, this bag weighs 4.5 pounds, which is heavier than most products. This means that the bag can hold very heavy items comfortably without the risk of ripping and tearing off. The heavyweight of the bag is due to its heavy-duty and reinforced construction- something that is understandable. Secondly, the bag’s size is large and will fit in gull size handguns.

The Explorer Tactical Range Bag is also one of the best organized multi pistol range bags that we have come across. It has a bonus of two exterior compartments to add to the amount of luggage that the bag can hold. If you’re in search of superior quality, which goes hand in hand with the performance and durability, look no further!


  • Good quality construction
  • Tough and durable
  • Customizable and adjustable inner compartments


  • Poor quality zippers

5.11 Tactical Range Qualifier Bag

 5.11 are famous for their magical touch in all tactical gears, ranging from backpacks and knives to kneepads and now range bags. The brand leads in designing law enforcement and military gear. Every once in a while, the company gets in touch with military personnel on tips and ideas on how they can improve their products. Well, the trick seems to work perfectly, as the 5.11 Tactical Range Qualifier Bag is among the best in the current market.

The Range qualifier Bag makes use of 600D polyester in its construction for high-levels of durability and toughness. The bag is fairly large, larger than most range bags, and so offers more storage space than what you might have ordered. It has both interior dividers and exterior pockets for better organization and easy retrieval of items.

The bag’s shoulder straps are padded, something rarely seen in range bags, for better comfort, especially when transporting heavy loads. 5.11 once again proves to us why they are the better option courtesy of this product. It is an excellent choice for military personnel looking for a large, tough, and durable range bag.


  • Has a well-organized interior
  • Lots of space
  • High-quality zippers


  • Loses its shape when full

ProCase Tactical Gun Range Bag

If you’re looking for a simple but effective range bag to carry your pistols, magazines, firearms, ammunition, earmuffs, gloves, shooting glasses, ammo, spotting scope, and anything under the tactical field, then consider the ProCase Range Bag for spacious compartments and durable construction. The 4-pistol range bag comes with multiple compartments that are fully padded for the safety of your gears.

This range bag is constructed using 600D oxford fabric that is not only durable but also waterproof to protect your gear against harsh weather conditions. Its interior features adjustable dividers that allow you to customize the main compartment up to three different parts for easy organization. It also has large built-in pockets inside the main compartment.

The shoulder straps of this range bag are padded for added comfort when the bag is full and heavy. Its anti-skid feet keep the bag above damp, dirt, and dust. Finally, this bag is ideal for hunting expeditions or shooting ranges.


  • Lots of space
  • Well-padded for comfort and protection
  • Good quality zippers


  • Its dividers are not adjustable


The secret to selecting the best range bag begins by assessing your needs. How often will you visit the range? How much equipment and ammo are you planning to carry along with you? How many handguns will you carry? Once you have answered these questions, then finding the right bag becomes an easy task.

There is no doubt that our list contains the best and highest rated products out there. After much deliberation, we decided that the Osage River Tactical Range Bag was the best gun range bag amongst our list. This is a personal opinion, and you can let us know whether you differ or agree with us. If you have any doubts about range bags, you can always refer to our buying guide for clarifications.