5 Best Gun Cleaning Kits- Detailed Review and Guide

You will have failed as a professional shooter if you purchase the best firearm and fail to take care of it accordingly. The performance of firearms tends to degrade once you neglect them. It, therefore, becomes a necessity for shooters to take care of their guns- and this includes cleaning them once in a while.

The gun cleaning kit is designed specifically for this purpose. The process is a detailed one- and so you should choose one free afternoon to do so. Our review today takes us to the best cleaning kits in the market. No need to spend loads of hours looking for the right product when we’ve done all that for you. We also have a guide on some of the items found in a gun cleaning kit.

Items Found In a Gun Cleaning Kit

While some people find cleaning guns to be an interesting and fun way to pass time, others find it tedious and would rather have a professional do it for them. Whichever category you lie in, the parting shot is this: cleaning your gun is a sophisticated process that should be done carefully and correctly to avoid damaging your gun.

If you decide to take things into your own hands, then you’ll require the services of a professional gun cleaning kit. The kit comes with tens of items inside. It is important to know what each item should be held accountable for.

Cleaning Rod

Cleaning rods are unarguably the most important items found in a gun cleaning kit. They come in different shapes, sizes and materials. The rods are designed using either aluminum or stainless steel. The purpose of the rod is to clean the bores using brushes, solvent or patches by pulling it slowly back and forth through the barrel.


Cleaning solvent is among the first items you’ll use when cleaning your gun. It is used to remove aluminum, lead, copper and powder fouling off the gun barrel. The solvent is applied to the metal parts and bore of the gun using brushes and patches. Solvents are also used as lubricants to prevent rust and ensure the parts are functioning properly.

Bore Brush

Bore brush is made using two materials, nylon and bronze. Each has its own advantages as discussed. The best rifle cleaning kit will come with both.

Bronze Bore Brush

Each cleaning kit has numerous bronze brushes in it. The brushes are used to pass down the barrel and remove any carbon buildup. Ensure to purchase a kit whose brushes are made using high-quality bronze.

Nylon Bore Brush

Large gun cleaning kits come with nylon bore brushes. These brushes are used to clean sensitive parts of a gun where the bronze brush cannot be used. Their designs allow them to reach curved parts of the gun as well as other difficult-to-reach areas.


Patches are soaked in solvents and used to clean and remove fouling found inside the barrel of a gun. After doing that, they are then oiled lightly and pulled through the barrel in a bid to drive out moisture and protect the barrel from rusting. Patches are made using cotton and come in different sizes depending on the diameter of the barrel.

Firearm Cleaning Mat

Some firearms come with numerous parts that you will disassemble in order to clean their inside properly. The firearm cleaning mat will prove to be a great investment in such a case. The firearm cleaning mat serves a number of purposes; it is used as a work surface for placing your gun parts and not forgetting that it is non-slip and will ensure that the gun parts are in place.

The cleaning mat is also printed with diagrams of weapons as a guide on where the different parts should fit. Finally, the mats are resistant to the cleaning chemicals.


If you are in doubt whether the lighting around you is sufficient to assist you to see through the barrel perfectly, then the flashlight is a tool that will come in handy. The purpose of a flashlight in a cleaning kit is direct light to specific areas within a gun that you want to be illuminated. With sufficient lighting, you’ll be able to spot hidden dirt and dust. This allows you to remove all debris and leave the gun spotless clean.


It should be a requirement for everyone to handle their kits when wearing gloves. Cleaning your gun exposes you to chemicals, dirt, dust and other germs that you would rather not handle with your bare hands. Using gloves is a win-win situation for both your hands and the gun. It keeps your hands free of solvents as well as protecting your gun from any oil that may be on your skin. Always remember to safely dispose of your gloves after use.

These are only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the items found in a cleaning kit. There are other items that we have not mentioned such as the muzzle guards, patch holder, gun oil, bore snake, cleaning jag, luster cloth and cotton swabs, among others.

When picking out your cleaning kit, try to find a versatile one that comes with all the essential items for cleaning different types of guns instead of one or two. Also, as much as some cleaning kits can be attractive, don’t let them misguide you into purchasing the wrong product of low-quality tools.

Here is a video showing you in detail how to use a cleaning kit to clean your gun.

5 Best Gun Cleaning Kits Reviews and Recommendations

Allen Company Ultimate Universal Weapon Gun Cleaning Kit

Professional shooters require professional kits to get the job done. This is why you should change your course to the best handgun cleaning kit, Allen Company Universal Weapon Gun Cleaning kit, for maximum performance. On top of having all the necessary tools in it, the design of this kit is also one to admire. While the kit isn’t the smallest and lightest in the market, moving it from one place to another won’t be a hassle.

The components found in this kit are compatible for use with bore shotguns, standard rifles and pistol calibers. Some of the items found inside include cotton swabs, muzzle guards, brass jags, bronze brushes, brass adapters, cotton patches, brass slotted tips and cleaning brushes. Using all these items will leave your gun shiny and spotlessly clean.

There are a total of 65 items inside this kit. Each item has its own fitted compartment with a clear indication of the name and size of the item. The kit’s design ensures that there is ample space for storing brushes, extra jags, cleaning cloths, extra patches and cleaning chemicals. There is no reason why your gun should be dirty when the Allen Cleaning Kit is in the market.


  • Well organization of the tools
  • Comes with all the necessary tools
  • Total of 65 cleaning supplies


  • Few cleaning rods

GLORYFIRE Universal Gun Cleaning Kit

GLROYFIRE universal kit is an all-in-one cleaning tool that packs with it everything you could want in a cleaning kit. Moreover, it is versatile and will work with every rifle, handgun or shotgun you bring to the table. For it, a gun is a gun, regardless of the size or type. Its name ‘universal’ isn’t in vain.

What we further like about it is its compact design. It is still a mystery how such a compact kit can pack so many tools. Its interior is well organized with tools neatly arranged. Finding tools won’t be an issue. The kit edges most of its competitors as it features lubricating oil. Not so many tools come with oils, and you’ll normally be forced to purchase one separately.

Even though this kit comes with every nice feature, its price remains unaffected. There is no need of spending exaggerated amounts for a cleaning kit. This is unarguably one of the main reasons for this product’s popularity. Finally, all the cleaning jags of the kit are designed using high-quality nylon and brass. There is no room for cheap plastic. And did we mention that this is the best universal gun cleaning kit?


  • Durable case
  • Three different brass rods for different guns
  • Reasonable pricing
  • Comes with lubricating oil


  • Poor quality rod handle

Real Avid Gun Boss Pro Universal – Cleaning Kit

Best Gun Cleaning Kits

Real Avid were tired of the spill-prone, flimsy trays used for designing gun cleaning kits and decided to provide their customers with a sleek, sturdy, secure case with an innovative and multi-functioning handle. The spectacular design of the kit didn’t end there. The manufacturers further incorporated different compartments, each clearly labeled so that you have an easy time locating your jags, mops, and brushes. They also made a tough kickstand for displaying the tools. The company took its time in the design of this kit, and they deserve all the accolades going their way.

Why should you consider purchasing this kit? First, its cleaning rod is made using brass and won’t cause any damage to the barrel of your gun. Secondly, there are no adapters. All the jags, brushes and mops fit perfectly to the rods. The rods also screw together and fit perfectly. Thirdly, the slotted tips and jags of this kit are tough, durable and flexible. Moreover, the cleaning tools are compatible for use with a wide range of handguns.

We fell in love with the innovative, game-changing and ergonomic design of this kit. It features a tap hammer surface for cleaning rifling, punching pins and also acts as a rotating receiver. We will have to deduct a point from this kit, however, because it lacks lubricating oil. It scoops our award for the best 9mm cleaning kit.


  • Compact design
  • The rods fit perfectly.
  • Comes with multiple brushes


  • Lacks lubricating oil

DAC Winchester Gun Care Case

DAC Winchester Gun Care Case comes with a total of 68 tools, and you can rest assured that all guns will be cleaned with this kit. Its performance is incredible, and you should have an easy time cleaning your gun. What we love about it is that every of its tool is of high-quality. The manufacturers were keen to provide their customers with the best.

The kit carries a solution for every firearm, be it a pistol or a rifle. It is packed with both nylon and bronze brushes. The brushes are available in different sizes for different guns. Its rods will also do an immense job in removing debris from the gun’s barrel.

If you’re in search of a versatile cleaning kit to clean your revolver, pistol or rifle, this one will do an incredible job. Its only shortcoming, just like most kits, is that it lacks oils and cleaning solvents. You will have to purchase them separately. However, it is still our best pistol cleaning kit.


  • Variety of cleaning brushes
  • Well organized interior
  • High-quality case


  • No solvents or lubricating oils included

M-Pro 7 Tactical Cleaning Kit Clam

There is not much to say about this kit. It comes with all the brushes for different calibers. The handle of its rod is foldable, taking more of military design. We love it for the fact that it includes a cleaning solvent in the package. Your guns should be clean most of the time. Its interior is well divided into different compartments for better organization of the tools.


  •  Features lube and solvent
  • Well organized interior
  • High-quality brushes


  • Poor quality rod


Knowing that your gun will deliver exceptional performance is phenomenal. This is only achieved if the right cleaning tools are used. And our list contains cleaning kits where you can find the best tools. Picking the best product wasn’t a needlestack in the hay.

GLROYFIRE universal Gun Cleaning Kit scoops the best product award of the day. We love the fact that it features almost all tools, and will clean every gun under the sun. Moreover, it comes with its lubricating oil and saves you the time and energy of purchasing one separately.

For the best gun cleaning kit, find the one with the best quality tools. Consider our buying guide on tools found inside a cleaning kit. Clean your gun for exceptional performance!