5 Best Glock Sights

Glock sights assist shooters in acquiring targets quickly and easily. The combat environment requires skill if you’re planning to survive. That’s why you require the extensive use of a Glock sight. Which one is the best?

The market comes with lots of options can settling for the right one can be intimidating. That’s why we’ve gone out of our way to bring you the top five best Glock sights the current market has to offer.

How to Install a Glock Sight

A Glock is phenomenal right out of the box. Its performance is even better. The general design of the Glock sight is for mass appeal and not individual needs. With this, you may be prompted to make one or two changes out of it. This requires you to disassemble and re-assemble it afterwards. The process isn’t impossible but requires true craftsmanship. 

Some of the reasons for making changes to the Glock sight include installing night sights for tactical situations, incorporating fiber optics for those with eye issues and running a suppressor if you require a taller sight among other reasons. Our buying guide today teaches you how to install your Glock sight. Follow the given steps for utmost success.

There are two methods of installing a Glock sight- the professional way and affordable way. The two methods differ only slightly. However, the general procedure is the same. There are four steps to follow; disassembling, replacing the front sight, replacing the rear sight, and finally assembling.

The Professional Method

For this method, you will require a Loctite Thread locker Blue, Dovetail rear sight tool and a Glock front sight tool. The first step will be to do a field strip of your gun and ensure that the spring and barrel of the upper are removed. This should be a standard practice not only for Glock sights but all firearms. There are numerous YouTube tutorials to guide you if you aren’t conversant with the process.

Front Sight

The next step is replacing the front sight. This is our preference, but you could also begin with the rear sight if you wish. Use the front sight tool to remove the hex nut at the bottom of the slide, and the sight will be out. If you incur any problems removing the nut, you can always use a pair of pliers for assistance. Be cautious, however, not to apply excess pressure and damage components of the pistol.

Replacing the sight should be equally easy as taking it out. All you need to do is place the front sight on top of the Glock and tighten the nut using a Loctite while holding it. As you tighten it, ensure that the sight is straight and even at all times. Also, don’t tighten it too much to the extent of damaging it.  

Rear Sight

To replace the rear sight, you need to use the sight tool to push the sight out of its groove. The process might require heavy force. However, take your time and push it slowly- there is no hurry, is there? When it is safely out, you will need to install the new one. Use your thumb to push the sight in as much as possible (ensure it is facing the right direction). While you’re tightening the tool, ensure that the sight is even and stays on level all through. The main aim is to have the sight close to the center as possible.


When all this is done, the final step is to re-assemble the Glock. Make any slight adjustments to the sights if need be. Move your sights to the direction of the impacts.

The Affordable Method

For this method, you will need a nut driver, Loctite Blue, lightweight hammer, nylon punch and a vice with soft jaws. Similar to the professional method, you will begin by disassembling the Glock as earlier explained.

Front Sight

Removing the front sight for all processes are the same, with the only difference being that you’ll use a nut driver instead of the front sight tool here. A nut driver is difficult to use, and you can easily tighten the sight extremely and damage it. So take extra caution.

Rear Sight

Replacing the rear sight is a little bit different. Lock and tighten the upper in the vice so that the pistol is firm and doesn’t move. Mount it sideways for ease and added strength. Ensure that it is slightly protruding out of the vice without compromising on its support.

Place the nylon drift close enough to the sight’s base and blow it lightly but solid using a hammer. Don’t hit it too hard; otherwise you could mess it up. Continuous hits should see the sight come out successfully.

To replace it, you need to press it with your thumb as described in the professional method. Accuracy is important to ensure that the sight is flush with the slide. The aim is to make it be much closer to the center as possible.


Re-assemble the same way as the first process. This method is all about trial and error for perfection. Ensure that your hammer strikes are light and solid.

The two processes can seem intimidating at first, but as you follow the steps, everything becomes clear enough. Ensure that you replace your sights with those of higher qualities. Consider our list for the best sights.  

5 Best Glock Sights Reviews and Recommendations

Trijicon Night Sight Glock Sight

One Glock sight that thrives the most in tactical operations is the popular Trijicon Night Sight Glock Sight. Everyone who uses Glock sight appreciates the performance and design of this Glock sight. If you have numerous Glock pistols, no need to buy different sights for each of them- make use of the all-in-one Trijicon Night Glock Sight.  It is our best night sight for Glock. You’ll love it.

This Glock sight boasts mostly of having a quick target acquisition. This is attributed to its extra-large dot lamp. The dot comes in yellow and orange colors, and it’s up to you to choose your best. The front outline makes use of a photoluminescent powder that aids in easy visibility, especially at night.

That’s not all. This Glock sight also features jewel caps for better distribution of light and added protection. The protective features installed on the tritium gas make it withstand the harshest of conditions.

Trijicon Night Sight incorporates steel in its construction, which brings to the table lightness and durability. The only shortcoming of this Glock sight is that its front sight is a little wide. This prompted the manufacturers to design a better model, the Trijicon HD XR and improved on this aspect. It is among the best pistol sights. Despite this, its accuracy is still remarkable.


  • Remarkable accuracy
  • Versatile
  • Fast target acquisition


  • Unsuitable for long-range shooting

TRUGLO Tritium Handgun Sight

TRUGLO is known to design affordable Glock sights with exceptional qualities. Its products make a good investment, where you get exceptional value. Such is the case with their Glock sight, TRUGLO Tritium Handgun Sight- one of the best Glock fiber optic sights. Its articulate blend of tritium and fiber optics makes its performance top-notch.

The sight glows very well, and aids in seeing in the dark. Steel is used in its construction. The manufacturers ensured the product was as lightweight as possible to avoid weighing down the pistol. Its design is also resistant to snagging.

This is a three-dot configuration sight. Its front sight has a single dot with the rear one featuring two green lights seated side by side. Moreover, the Glock sight is compatible for use with 9, 10, 40 and 45mm calibers.

We will have to deduct a point from this Glock sight when it comes to installing its front sight. The task can prove to be difficult, especially if you’re a newbie. The installation process requires a special tool. Also, its lighting isn’t very bright but rather moderate.


  • Very accurate
  • Easy to use
  • Durable and long-lasting
  • Very bright


  • Becomes loose very easily.
  • Difficult to install the front sight

TRUGLO TFX Pro Pistol Glock Sight

The TRUGLO TFX Pro Glock Sight isn’t your everyday sight. This is a unique piece that you’ll love. It makes use of both fiber optics and tritium as sources of light. With this, you can be assured of unlimited glow during the day and night. The piece is not only appealing to the eye but also sturdy and durable. It is our best sight for Glock 17.

The glow elements of the sight are housed using a shock and chemical resistant capsule. The capsule is virtually indestructible and will withstand harsh conditions. Moreover, it is resistant to chemicals, oils, rust, and cleaning solvents. The longevity of the Glock sight is thus increased.

The TRUGLO TFX Pro is a three-dot configuration sight. Its front sight features a clear and visible white ring to help in accurate and fast target acquisition. The rear sight, on the other hand, features two green dots which enhance the sight’s focus and also aids in the visibility. The front sight makes use of a Swiss tritium gas to aid in easy visibility.

A downside with this product is that its front sight isn’t very snug. It will get loose after a few hundred shots. It, thus, forces you to tighten it every once in a while. Other than this minor issue, this Glock sight is worth your money and time.


  • Fast and easy target acquisition
  • Tough and durable
  • A unique blend of fiber optics and tritium


  • The front sight isn’t snug.

XS Sights RAM Tritium Night Sight

The XS Tritium Night Sight is a unique Glock sight that will assist you in acquiring your target easily and quick. Its ease of detecting targets makes it an excellent choice for defensive purposes. Its pricing is a little higher, that we have to warn you, but makes a worthy investment. We love this product for three main reasons: snag-free design, rugged construction and large front sight.

The sight’s snag-free construction makes carrying it easy. Its rugged construction, on the other hand, ensures dependability of the product. It is designed to withstand harsh conditions. It also has a large front sight that improves the speed of target acquisition.

The dots of the sight come with a green and white outline for clear visibility. If you’re looking for the best sight for Glock 19 that is durable and will enable you to acquire fast targets, this is a great investment.


  • Easy to acquire targets
  • Snag-free design
  • Easy to install and use
  • Clearly visible dot


  • Not accurate for long-range shots

Meprolight Glock Tru-Dot Night Sight

The Meprolight Night Sight is yet another excellent option for different Glocks. You’ll love its slim design right out of the box. Moreover, its construction incorporates durable materials without having an effect on the overall cost. Meprolight have been in the industry for 30 years, and know their way around making efficient Glock sights.

Steel is used in the construction of this Glock. Steel is known to be strong and durable and withstands harsh conditions. Elsewhere, the dots of this sight are available in three different colors for you to pick your best: green, orange and yellow-green.

The sturdy construction of this sight makes it among the best Glock sights for combat. Finally, the product comes with an unmatchable one-year warranty.


  • Comes with a 12-year warranty
  • Sturdy construction
  • Slim design
  • Very bright


  • Not adjustable


All our products offer excellent performance. They all have their pros and shortcomings. One product, however, that stands tall above the others is the TRUGLO Tritium Handgun Sight. Its qualities are exceptional. Moreover, it comes at an affordable price and will fit perfectly in your budget.

The brightness level is a core consideration when making your Glock sight purchase. Ensure that you pick one that will allow you to see clearly even at night.